Adjustable Speed Jump Rope


The Stray Dog Adjustable Speed Jump rope was designed to allow any size athlete to work on their footwork and or conditioning as the jump rope is adjustable starting at 120″ with a simple screw adjustment. The Jump Rope is constructed out of an aluminum handle with a plastic coated steel cable that has bearings for smooth rotation.




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Finding the right jump rope can be tricky, athletes of different sizes need different length jump ropes to properly jump rope which is why we chose this adjustable jump rope as our Stray Dog Speed Jump Rope.

The rubber end or aglet is removable so if you cut the jump rope to your desired length you can put the aglet back on to ensure a safe and smooth ending.

The bearing in the top of the handle makes the jump rope effortlessly spin to allow athletes to focus on jumping and rhythm and not spinning the jump rope.


Adjustable Speed Jump Rope
Engraved Stray Dog Logo
Adjustable Speed Jump Rope
Knurled Aluminum Handles
Adjustable Speed Jump Rope
Tapered Handle from 13.5 mm to 16 mm
Adjustable Speed Jump Rope
Bearings for smooth rotation
Adjustable Speed Jump Rope
Adjustable Screw
Adjustable Speed Jump Rope
Fits perfectly in hand

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