Custom Crossmember Brackets


The Custom Crossmember Brackets were designed to allow customers to make a crossmember at a custom length. The slotted bracket allows customers to create a custom length crossmember to connect different brand 1″ hole 3×3″ racks or our ATR units to other brand racks.

By combining the brackets and our 3×3″ tubes you can create a custom length crossmember available in 2″ increments

The Universal and Crossmember Brackets are .25″ thick each, the tube that goes between them will have to be .5″ shorter than the length you want as the bracket will fill in the missing .5″. The Beam Connector Bracket is 3/8″.


color options

3x3" Tubing racks with 1" holes have become the industry standard over the last 10 years, but what has not become standard is the where that first 1" hole starts. Different brands racks all have their first hole dimension at a different height which makes connecting two different brand racks very difficult as the holes do not line up.

We have created a slotted bracket that accounts for that difference in the first hole height and allows different brand 3x3" 1" hole racks to be connected without making any modification to the rack and only adding a few bolts.

Our Beam Connector Bracket, which we have always sold with our Top Beam Connector will also allow different brand racks to be connected on top the crossmember opposed to bolted in like a crossmember.


Custom Crossmember Brackets
Connect different Brand 3x3 Uprights with 1" holes
Custom Crossmember Brackets
Universal Bracket Connected to Rouge Monster Upright
Custom Crossmember Brackets
Universal Bracket Connected to Stray Dog Upright
Custom Crossmember Brackets
Connect our ATR Units to any 3x3 1" rack
Custom Crossmember Brackets
Old SD Renegade Rack connected to ATR Cable Column
Custom Crossmember Brackets
Add Crossmember to Storage units

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