Horizontal Bumper Tray


The horizontal bumper storage was designed to be a space saving bumper storage option as you can use it to replace a 30″ crossmember, also the ability to bolt on the bumper storage makes it not move over time.

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The horizontal bumper tray was designed to bolt onto racks or ATR units either off to the side of the unit or replacing the 30" crossmember.

The horizontal bumper tray has 3 slots for bolting on so you can position it either straight on or to either the left or the right side depending on customers needs. 

With the bumper tray between the front and back uprights of the rack, you can store bumpers right next to the bar for easy and quick loading.


Horizontal Bumper Tray
Three 9.67" Bays
Horizontal Bumper Tray
Wide divider
Horizontal Bumper Tray
Slotted holes to attach to any brand 1" rack
Horizontal Bumper Tray
Replace crossmember of a 30" half rack
Horizontal Bumper Tray
Outside Off set mounting option
Horizontal Bumper Tray
Mount off side of rack

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