Neck Machine Attachment


The Neck Machine attachment was designed to give athletes the ability to train their neck at a rack station with either weight or band resistance.  It attaches with a 1″ threaded rod and Adjustable Nut to any 3×3 1″ hole rack.

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Athletes can use the neck attachment standing in an athletic stance or add our Lat seat Attachment to the Spotter arm to do sitting movements.

Like a traditional neck machine you can train the neck from all 4 sides and can add resistance with weights on the weight peg or attach a band for extra resistance.

With the neck attachment being so small you can have one at each rack station allowing more than one athlete to train neck at the same time which was not possible with old school traditional neck machines as most facilities only had one or two.


Neck Machine Attachment
Injection molded Pad
Neck Machine Attachment
Adjustable Nut and nylon nut for post protection
Neck Machine Attachment
Plate peg/band peg
Neck Machine Attachment
Bronze Bearing
Neck Machine Attachment
Threaded Pin
Neck Machine Attachment
Plastic Sleeve for post protection


Neck Machine Attachment
Standing Back of Head on pad
Neck Machine Attachment
Standing Forehead on Pad
Neck Machine Attachment
Standing Side of head on pad
Neck Machine Attachment
Seated Forehead on Pad
Neck Machine Attachment
Seated Side of head on pad
Neck Machine Attachment
Seated Back of head on pad

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