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The NV Rack from NV Athletics is an innovative new piece of equipment developed around the principle of Non-Varying Resistance®, which enables athletes to generate their max power output at a lighter, safer, repeatable weight. Equipped with a unique, universal clamping mechanism, the NV Rack can be attached to any dimension of squat rack, including 3×3″, 2×3″, 2×2″ and even 4×3″ uprights. The mechanism easily slides up and down to any position for optimal versatility (or to accommodate brackets for safety bars), and it also comes with detachable flat heads or cone heads for a quick and secure set-up. Customers without a rack can also opt to purchase a compatible NV Stand Alone Platform that enables the same general functionality.

Made to order shipping estimate 6-8 Weeks

Advantages of the NV Rack & Non-Varying Resistance:

As NV Rack inventor and company co-founder Brock Massner explains, this tool was created by streamlining three fundamental training methods already utilized in every gym.  “I loved the power development of resistance bands, the versatility of free weights, and the controlled directional force of a cable machine,” he says. “So, why not combine it all to create the ultimate fitness accessory?”

Essentially, the NV Rack circumvents the limitations of those other resistance exercises, freeing the athlete to (1) generate maximum force, (2) maintain the same resistance level throughout a full exercise, and (3) train dynamically with the aid of greater versatility.

To put it another way, the NV Rack offers a new way to retain the benefits of lifting at a heavier load without adding additional weight. “We know that Force=Mass x Acceleration,” Massner says. “Non-Varying Resistance forces an increased acceleration at a lighter mass. This replicates lifting a heavier mass and, in turn, creates a greater force. The greater the force, the greater the power output.”

In addition to increasing power on desired exercises, the NV Rack can help increase muscle engagement, improve proper technique alignment, and decrease overall joint load.


head on rack
Attach to 2x3 or 3x3" Racks
square on bar
Add Non-Varying Resistance
both clamps 2
Tighten Down Clamps
square side $$$$$
Flat Arm
angled 1 on bar
Angled Arm
arm up 2
Vertical Arm


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