Posterior Chain Combo


Our 210 Posterior Chain Combo unit was created to combine both the Reverse Hyper and the GHD machines. Athletes can efficiently switch between Reverse Hyper movements and Glute-Ham raises with only 2 fingers as we use a pull pin and guide rod adjustment system.


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The Posterior Chain combo unit combines two of the most important lower body development machines in any gym, the Reverse Hyper machine and the Glute Ham Developer. 

With the ability to quickly adjust due to our stainless steel construction system using guide rods and a pull pin athletes can adjust the machine to be different depths in less than 3 seconds.


9 Adjustment points

Two weight pegs

Logo Spot

Pad and rollers are covered with
anti-bacterial upholstery

8" Single roller design allow the user
to get in and out of the machine

Athletes over 6' 4"need added stilts to properly do reverse hyper movements 


Posterior Chain Combo
9 Stainless Steel Easy Adjustment Points
Posterior Chain Combo
Steel Plate for feet and Handles
Posterior Chain Combo
Stainless Steel Guide Rods
Posterior Chain Combo
Step Up Peg/Logo Spot
Posterior Chain Combo
Spud Inc Belt Included
Posterior Chain Combo
Stilts for Athletes over 6' 4"


Posterior Chain Combo
Reverse Hyper
Posterior Chain Combo
Glute Ham Raise
Posterior Chain Combo
Back Extensions
Posterior Chain Combo
Sit Ups

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Modular product design to adapt and change with your training needs.


Using our 3-D CAD software we can help you design and visualize the optimal set up for your facility.


Our equipment is designed to withstand the high training volume of high school, collegiate, and professional teams.

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