Deluxe Power Rack


The Stray Dog Deluxe Power Rack was designed with 43″ crossmembers to give athletes 43″ between the front and back post to lift with the safety of our spotter straps, the basic version has ticked uprights.

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Power racks are designed to allow athletes to lift inside the rack which is why we use 43" crossmembers opposed to 30" on our half racks to give the athlete more room to lift (power racks can also be done at 30" at special request).

As the safety straps require both the front and back posts to be open there is no weight storage, bar storage or storage for collars bands or other items.

Our movable storage hooks add a great option for storage on power racks as they can easily be moved out of the way if needed.

Deluxe Package: 4 Numbered Uprights4 43" Crossmembers, 1 Multi-Grip Chin up bar on 43" crossmember1 Pair of UMHW Bar Cups, 1 pair of safety straps and a Logo Beam Connector with Stray Dog Strength logo in accent color.


Deluxe Power Rack
4 Numbered Uprights
Deluxe Power Rack
UMHW Bar Cups
Deluxe Power Rack
43" Safety Straps
Deluxe Power Rack
Logo Beam Connector in back
Deluxe Power Rack
Multi Grip Chin Up

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Our equipment is designed to withstand the high training volume of high school, collegiate, and professional teams.

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