Renegade Adjustable Bench


The Renegade Bench on top of being able to choose the frame and upholstery colors also can have a stitched wear cover  added to the bench to display a logo.


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The Renegade Bench was designed to be both a more compact and cost effective bench. Due to its smaller frame and lighter weight it is easier to wheel around compared to our Titan bench making it an ideal dumbbell/utility bench.

With pad dimensions of 11"x 34" the Renegade bench is slightly smaller than the Titan Bench which has a 11"x 41" pad. 

The Renegade Bench does not stand up on its end like the Titan bench does for storage



Renegade Adjustable Bench
Rubber Handle
Renegade Adjustable Bench
Wheels for easy movement
Renegade Adjustable Bench
Rubber Foot
Renegade Adjustable Bench
Optional Stitched Wear Cover
Renegade Adjustable Bench
Flat or Incline
Renegade Adjustable Bench
5 Adjustment Points

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