Titan Adjustable Bench

Our Titan Bench has two customization options as you can add a small decal logo to the frame or a Stitched wear cover logo to the pad as well as choosing frame and upholstery colors

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Our Titan Bench is a very sturdy adjustable bench allowing athletes to choose the adjustment that is right for them and also saves space by storing standing up out of the way.


Five adjustable back pad positions from 0 to 85 degrees

Three adjustable seat positions form 0 to 25 degrees

Pad locking mechanism to allow bench to be safety stored vertically when not in use

Sturdy wheels for easy movement

Integrated spotter platform for when bench is in the inclined position

Extremely durable pad utilizing military grade nylon webbing around the perimeter
that is double stitched to marine grade upholstery


Titan Adjustable Bench
Nylon Reinforced Pad
Titan Adjustable Bench
Raised Feet for Stability
Titan Adjustable Bench
Ladder Adjustments
Titan Adjustable Bench
Extra Wide Pivot Point
Titan Adjustable Bench
Lateral Stability Supports
Titan Adjustable Bench
Logo Option


Titan Adjustable Bench
Flat Bench
Titan Adjustable Bench
Incline Bench
Titan Adjustable Bench
Military Press
Titan Adjustable Bench
Dumbbell Row
Titan Adjustable Bench
Step Ups
Titan Adjustable Bench
Sit Ups

our products are


Made in the heart of America using American labor.


Modular product design to adapt and change with your training needs.


Using our 3-D CAD software we can help you design and visualize the optimal set up for your facility.


Our equipment is designed to withstand the high training volume of high school, collegiate, and professional teams.

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