Titan Glute Ham


The Titan Glute ham developer was designed to allow different height athletes to be able to train on the same unit at the same time as adjustment takes less than 3 seconds thanks to our linear ball bearings and guide rods.

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Our Titan Glute ham is one of the smoothest adjusting glute ham developing machines on the market, by using linear ball bearings and guide rods the unit adjusts using one hand with ease.

Since the adjustment takes less than 3 seconds as it uses a pull pin not a tightening knob it allows athletes of different heights to train on the same unit in a group and not waste 30-45 seconds adjusting the machine.


Independent Durable knee pads with anti-bacterial upholstery 12" wide by 8" thick for comfort

Over sized step up platforms with Diamond plate grip for easy loading and unloading

Foot hold is adjustable front to back with 7 adjustment points and up and down with 2 adjustment points

Foot hold uses a two roller construction allow athletes to easily get in and out of the machine without the ability to catch their ankle on the bottom pad


Titan Glute Ham
Height and Depth Adjustments
Titan Glute Ham
Linear Ball Bearings for smooth one hand adjustment
Titan Glute Ham
Single roller and band assistance
Titan Glute Ham
Titan Glute Ham
Resistance band attachment
Titan Glute Ham
Foot Plate


Titan Glute Ham
Glute Ham Raise
Titan Glute Ham
Resisted Glute Ham Raise
Titan Glute Ham
Assisted Glute Ham Raise
Titan Glute Ham
Back Extensions
Titan Glute Ham
Sit Ups

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