The VOLTRA I from Beyond Power is the Worlds First Handheld Direct Drive Cable Trainer, it can be added to virtually any rack from 2×2″ tubing to 4″x4″ tubing with various hole sizes. Using an electric motor to generate resistance, it can be adjusted from 10-200 LBS (1:1 Ratio) in 1 LBS increments. We are selling it in a package with the Sliding Rack Mount, as it cannot be used without a mount. The units need charged so they are easily detachable from the mount via a magnet for charging away from the rack.

Machines are a great way to mix up training and open up movement possibilities that barbells and free weights cannot do. The down side to machines is that they take up a large space. The VOLTRA I is a small handheld device that does not take up any floor space, it can be attached to racks, storage units or other equipment and be easily removed if it is not desired in that location.

The VOLTRA I is not just a regular cable machine, it has different modes of resistance that can be used to change the resistance to make it get harder the further you pull it, harder the faster you pull it and more!

There is also a Fixed Rack Mount Bracket that can be bolted onto 5/8"-1" hole racks but cannot adjust up and down.

There is also an Adaptive Rack Mount that can move up and down uprights by removing and adding in a pin.

The VOLTRA I is in Stock currently but they are drop shipped from Asia directly to the customer in 5-7 business days after the purchase is made. We do not have any in stock at SDS HQ in Ohio but they are technically in stock and will ship quickly.

VOLTRA I is equipped with state of art battery pack consisting of electric car-grade lithium batteries and an advanced battery management system.  If VOLTRA I is in locked status and the battery runs out, the locking mechanism will stay locked till the customer recharges VOLTRA I.


screen head on
3"x3" Touch Screen
angled up $$$$
Sliding Rack Mount
top upright angled $
Adjust to anywhere on upright
200 lbs $$$
10-200 LBS of 1:1 Resistance
angled both
Pair Together
handle $


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