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A Floor That Grows With Your Facility

Having solid rubber flooring in a weight room will help keep athletes healthy as the floor will help absorb some of the blown and take some stress of athletes joints. For many facilities when you upgrade spaces you have the ability to take your existing equipment with you, usually that isn’t the case with your flooring – Ultra Tile changes that. 

Performance Ultra Tile is a 1” (25.4mm) molded rubber tile 24” x 24” that is rated for olympic style lifting and continual heavy drops.  Ultra Tile does not need to be glued down which makes it a great option if you are going to be moving facilities any time soon, Ultra Tile can grow and evolve with you. If you move facilities or expand the weight room section of your facility you can add more tiles to the existing ones you already have. 

Ultra Tiles are very effective for both noise and joint stress reduction due to the thick rubber surface which absorbs some of the shock of lifts and also acts as sound absorbing material making your facility a more athlete friendly environment. 

What makes Ultra Tile special as a sports flooring is that it can be transferred post installation to a new site/room and reinstalled – even better it can be added onto if you move into a larger area, that means you won’t have to buy an entirely new floor when it’s time to upgrade to a larger space. 

does ultra tile need glued down?

No Ultra Tiles do not need glued down, they connect with “quad blocks” which are rubber squares that lock into the corner of 4 tiles connecting them together so they do not slide apart. If you do not have tiles from wall to wall you will need to frame them in with transition strips. We use double sided tape for the transition strips so no glue is applied to the floor. This allows you to expand the ultra tile area by adding more tiles in the future if needed. Ultra Tiles are extremely easy to install and can be done by virtually anyone with no training unlike rolled flooring which needs glued. 

Yes, ultra tile has the ability to have in-laid logos. Ultra Tile logos can be easily swapped out compared to rolled flooring logos which would be extremely expensive to replace. We switched our logo in 2021 and were able to easily swap out the logo in our showroom gym to the new logo. Logos can be added for each rack station in the platform or can be added anywhere in the room. The Hornet logo below is located right when you walk in and the platforms do not have logos. 


Ultra-Tile is the only flooring that can grow with your athletic program, move the flooring from one location to another and save thousands on material cost. If your organization does a rebranding you can swap out the logos or if you want to add sponsorships to the facility you can sell a company a platform logo spot to raise funds to build out the facility. 

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