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Alpha Chinning Triangle Top 5 Exercises

The Alpha Chinning Triangle is one of the most versatile and high quality Chinning Triangles on the market.  With a carabineer tab for cable movements and a hole for a standard 2″ barbell sleeve this attachment does both Landmine and Cable movements. The handles are made out of 28.5 MM Stainless Steel with Aggressive Knurling that will look and feel great for years.


1. Bent OVer landmine rows

Pictured above is the Alpha Chinning Triangle used as a Landmine Attachment on a Stray Dog Power Bar. The Alpha Chinning Triangle has handles 7.5″ wide handles providing the optimal close grip hand position for athletes. The stainless steel knurled handles will help the athlete’s keep their grip and will not rust. 

2. Low rows (Cable)

Pictured above is the Alpha Chinning Triangle Attached to the Lat Pull Down/Low Row, the 7.5″ width is a great close grip distance as we mentioned for Bent Over Rows. Seated Bent over rows with a wider bar can be uncomfortable as you can easily hit your shins, but with a narrow grip like the Chinning Triangle athletes will be in a much more comfortable position. 

3. Lat pUll downs

Lat Pull Downs are a great exercise for building upper back, bicep and shoulder strength. The Alpha Chinning Triangle will allow most athletes to pull down more weight than they can with a supinated or pronated grip as the close neutral grip is a very strong position. 

4. landmine press

Landmine presses are a great way to work back/core strength, having a dedicated landmine attachment is a waste of space and money as landmine work is not done that often but a product that does both like the Alpha Chinning Triangle makes much more sense, especially in gyms where space is at a premium.

5. single arm row

Single Arm Landmine Rows are a great exercise for building lat and back strength, but gripping the 2″ barbell sleeve can have you training more grip than back. The Alpha Chinning Triangle can be used as a single row handle attachment as well as a dual handle. 

Honorable Mention

These 5 exercises we picked to highlight are just a few examples of the exercises you can perform with this versatile Landmine/Cable Attachment. Get creative with it and Tag us @Straydog_strength!

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