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Rally and Beast Plus- A Performance Flooring System

When building your facility often, the first place to start and often overlooked area is the flooring and how it affects your athletes. You want to get flooring that will help take some of the force off the athletes joints while doing movements and also a surface that will lessen the acoustic blow. A lifting area that is both forgiving to joints and ears will be a more athlete friendly facility they will WANT to train in. 

What is performance rally and beast plus flooring?

At Stray Dog Strength we use ECORE Athletics flooring and turf for all our flooring needs. Our favorite option form ECORE is the Performance Rally and Beast Plus system. This system utilizes these two different materials paired together to create high impact areas with Beast Plus’s hyper dense, ultra durable design for your olympic lift  ‘drop zones’ while having Rally – material perfect for movement, agility and support which is the same product we use for indoor tracks.

Pictured above is the Cardinal Color-way of Rally Performance Flooring installed at Westerville South HS. 

How does this help my athletes and training?

 This system helps training by allowing your athletes to have a floor that will support agility/sprints all over the room and a more dense floor designed to drop weight on at the platforms. Rally allows for speed, agility and explosion drills to be performed in your weight room (Stray Dog Strength offers agility ladders, track lanes and dot drill set ups in Performance Rally Flooring.  While Beast Plus is perfect for continual heavy overhead drops and is placed on the drop zones of platforms. Beast Plus is a popular choice from high school through professional sports performance facilities.

Pictured above is Elgin High Schools Sports Performance Facility that we installed in 2022. They have 12 Triad Half racks with 12 inlaid logo platforms from ECORE. As you can see labeled in the picture above, Performance Rally is used everywhere other than the drop zones which is Beast Plus. It has a great grip for both lifts and agility work, Elgin also has a turf section so that is where they do most of their agility and sprint work but it can also be done on the ECORE Performance Rolled Flooring as well. 


Logos can be added to both Performance Rally or Beast Plus Flooring. The Elgin Logo pictured above is in the middle of each of their 12 inlaid Platforms. 

The Falcons logo below for Franklin Heights High School is positioned on the floor right when you walk in the room. This gives custom branding to the floor but at a much cheaper price than putting them at each platform. 


The ECORE Performance Flooring System utilizing Beast Plus and Rally will give your facility the foundation needed to support both heavy lifting and agility, sprints and other sports specific skills. Our team will work with you from conception to completion making your dream facility come to life. We  are a one stop shop for facilities from top to bottom. 

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