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Top 5 Hyperglute Machine Exercises

The Hyperglute presents the ultimate solution for posterior chain development, combining the features of reverse back extension and GHD machines into one compact design. Offering adjustable depth and height on the footplate, the Hyperglute ensures a tailored workout experience for different height athletes.  The footplate is equipped with four rollers designed to secure athletes’ feet/ankles during a wide range of exercises. Furthermore, the Hyperglute comes with a premium Spud INC Hyper Strap, Frame and Upholstery color options. 


1. Reverse back extension resisted

The reverse back extension is one of the best exercises for lower back health. Not only does this revolutionary movement build the lower back like few other exercises can but it also actively decompresses the spine during the eccentric portion of the movement. Our Hyperglute machine has adjustable height and depth to allow different size athletes from 4’10-6’6″ to use it. If you are taller than 6’6″ we can build it on stilts so your legs do not hit the ground. The Reverse Back Extension was invented by Louis Simmons of Westside Barbell in the 1990’s in Columbus Ohio, we built some of the original machines for him. 

2. glute ham raise

The Glute Ham Raise or GHR Is a great exercise for building posterior chain strength. The GHR targets the hamstring, glutes and lower back. If you want to make it harder add a weight or band resistance or tie a band around the foot plate for assistance. 

3.Decline sit up

Decline situps are a great way to work on abdominal, lower back and hip strength. Machines like a GHD are the only way athletes can effectively perform this movement as they are supported on their lower body but can still go “negative” or past the normal ROM you can achieve on a situp off the ground. 

4. Face PUlls

Face Pulls are a great exercise for upper back and shoulder health. By using the Hyperglute for Face pulls you leave the cable columns open for other exercises or for more athletes to perform face pulls. Our Reverse Back Extension strap from Spud INC attaches with a carabiner which can easily be removed for a handle shown above. 

5. GHD Isometric hold

The GHR Isometric Hold is a great way to chance up Posterior Chain training for advanced athletes that can do multiple reps of GHR’s. The Isometric GHR should be performed for 10-30 seconds depending on the athletes strength level. 


The Hyperglute is a great addition to any facilities especially sports performance facilities or any where that developing the posterior chain is important. The often overlooked aspect of these machines is how they decompress the spine on the eccentric portion of the Reverse Back Extension, which can counteract all the heavy loads placed on the spine during squats and other movements. 

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