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Triad Rack Series

The Triad rack was released in 2021

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in 2019-2020 it caused many issues in manufacturing such as labor shortage, material shortage and increased demands causing prices to skyrocket. To counteract the steeply rising costs of steel our engineering team worked to create a new style half rack that was constructed out of less steel but was still very sturdy and stable. 

They came up with our new Patent Pending Triad Rack, which is comprised of 3 uprights instead of 4 making it take a triangle shape opposed to the normal rectangle/square shape of traditional half racks. This new triangle rack shape allows us to use 3 uprights and two triad crossmembers opposed to 4 uprights and 4 crossmembers on the Alpha series making it take less steel and less time to assemble as there are less parts. 

Ticked posts

To keep costs down on the Triad Rack we designed a new marking system for our posts that is cheaper than laser cutting in the number of each hole, we call it a Ticked post. Ticked posts have 4 different markings, up, left, down, right and then repeats which allows athletes to easily line up attachments without needing numbers. 

Bolt down tabs

Triad Racks were designed to be bolted down if they do not have the half rack band peg attachments added to the rack.

Package Options

In both the Half rack and Double Half rack versions there are 4 different package options similarly to the Alpha rack which is pictured above from left to right, Frame, ST, STR and MG packages. 

Frame is our barebones package with 3 uprights, 2 crossmembers, 1 Stray Dog laser cut out and 1 Straight chin up bar. 

The ST package comes with 3 uprights, 2 crossmembers, 1 Stray Dog name plate, 1 straight chin up bar, 1 pair of basic bar cups, 4 weight pegs and 1 change plate storage. 

The STR package comes with 3 uprights, 2 crossmembers, 1 Stray Dog name plate, 1 pair of UMHW bar cups, 1 pair of spotter arms, 1 straight chin up, 1 change plate storage and 4 weight pegs. 

The MG package comes with 3 uprights, 2 crossmembers, 1 Multi Grip chin up bar, 1 pair of UMHW bar cups, 1 pair of spotter arms, 1 change plate storage and 4 weight pegs. 

We also sell our Triad Crossmembers individually to allow customers to convert their 4 post half rack into a Triad rack. 

Avalable in Half and double half options

The Triad Rack is available in both Half and Double Half rack options, double sided Triads use 5 rack posts opposed to the traditional 6 and Triad Half racks have 3 posts opposed to the traditional 4. 

As Triad Racks do not have a logo beam connector like on our Alpha Rack series we added a logo topper option which can be added above the MG pull up bar, this option is not available in frame, ST and STR options only MG. 

We also plan on releasing a full rack Triad version that would be 5 posts instead of 6. 

Machine attachments

Triad Racks as they only have one post in the back can have a machine attachment such as our Belt squat/Lat pull down, Lat pull down/Low row and Cable column added to the back post without increasing the footprint of the unit. 

Pictured above is a render of a Triad Double Half rack which has a Lat pull down added off the side of the middle post. You can see in the second image that the Lat pull down fits inside the frame of the front rack posts. 

Triad rack attachments

The Triad rack can have the same attachments added to it as the Alpha rack including but not limited to Jammer Arms, Adjustable Landmine, Dip attachments, Neck attachments, Roller attachments, Pull block attachments and more. 


Triad Racks are a unique design to Stray Dog Strength that saves both space and steel being a more efficient rack compared to a normal 4 post half rack. Sometime over the next year our Patent for the Triad Rack should be granted to us! Be ahead of the curve Leave the Pack and get a Triad Rack today. 

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