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Which Roller attachment is right for you?

What is a roller attachment used for?

Before we dive into the different roller pad attachments we at Stray Dog Strength have to offer it is important to understand what the different roller attachments are used for in order to properly choose the roller type that will best fit your and or your athletes training. 

Roller attachments are extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of exercises from upper body, core and posterior chain exercises. Roller attachments are the piece missing to get the most out of your rack programmability without expanding the footprint of the unit. Now  you no longer need a preacher curl, hip thrust pad, 45 Degree Hyper and split squat stand because the Single Utility Roller replaces all of these pieces of equipment. 

Lower body exercises include but are not limited to, split squats, hip thrusts, Leg extensions, Leg Curls and Nordic curls. 

Core Exercises include but are not limited to, sit ups, Decline sit ups and Nordic curls

Upper Body Exercises include but are not limited to, Preacher Curl pad, foot elevated push ups and Lat Pull down knee hold. 

The Alpha Single Utility Roller is $125 and is available in 8 color options as the pad is made using a wooden dowel, threaded rod and upholstery which is why you can choose from our 8 upholstery colors. 

The Alpha Single Utility Roller Attaches using our Adjustable Nut on one side and has a Nylon threaded nut on the other side making both sides of the post protected by plastic. The Alpha Single Utility Roller functions in the same way as the Single utility roller does as it attaches straight out of the rack post opposed to the Dual Utility Roller which has a bracket that puts the roller 5″ on center away from the post opposed to the Single rollers which stick straight out of the post. 

The Dual Utility Roller was designed to be 5″ off the post on center, which allows athletes to use the roller right in front of the post to use it as a knee hold for Lat Pull downs and other overhead pull variations. The Dual Utility Roller attaches with our Stray Dog Hitch Pin and is available in our 8 Different upholstery colors or we have a black option of an injection molded pad like the Single Utility Roller Pad. 

The Dual Utility Roller can do most movements that the Single rollers can do but as the Dual utility roller has two small 8″ pads you cannot do movements that require the whole body on them such as, hip thrusts, 45 Degree hyper movements and decline sit ups. The Dual Utility roller can be used as a Knee hold which our Single Roller cannot as the roller goes straight out from the post and does not allow athletes to straddle the post like with the Dual Roller. 

The Single Utility Roller was designed to be the budget version of the Alpha Single Utility Roller. The Single Utility Roller has the same functionality as the Alpha Single Utility Roller but has a larger diameter due to the injection molded black pad. The single utility roller also attaches using a detent pin opposed to the adjustable nut on the Alpha Roller which leaves the rack post not protected by plastic on both sides like the Alpha Single Roller does. 

The Single Utility Roller like the Alpha Single Utility Roller attaches directly to any 1″ hole with no bracket making it stick out to the side of the post and not in front of the post. As it sticks out to the side of the post and is a 17″ pad it allows athletes to put their back on it for movements such as hip thrusts, decline sit ups and 45 Hyper Extensions. 


The Dual Utility Roller and the Two Single Utility Rollers are useful for different movements which explaining that is the purpose of this article to help make your decision on which one to purchase easier. 

The Single Utility Rollers can do more movements than the Dual Utility Roller but the Single Roller cannot effectively be used to hold down knees for Lat pull down movements as the single roller does not straddle the post. 

The Single Utility Roller can assist in the following movements that the Dual Utility Roller cannot, Hip Thrusts, 45 hyper attachment and Decline sit ups. 

The Dual Utility Roller can be used as a Knee hold for a Lat pull down which the Single Utility Roller cannot as it sticks out to the side of the post. 

Single Utility Rollers can also be added to Jammer Arms with 1″ holes opening up almost endless possibilities. 

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