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Alpha Double Half Racks

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Alpha Half Racks

Stray Dog Strength has been a pioneer of strength and conditioning equipment since 1998. By listening to coaches, athletes and administrators our designs have evolved into an efficient modular system. Our products are built to last for generations and help athletes LEAVE THE PACK.



Spring Ankle


The Spring Ankle Device was designed to be the ideal tool for working on efficient energy transfer, Designed by Cal Dietz of Triphasic Training and Minnesota University. The Spring Ankle series was created by sport/speed performance coach Chris Karfist and aims to enhance the transfer of power from the body to the ground by strengthening the entire chain of muscles and structures involved.

GOAT Attachment


The GOAT Attachment was designed to be one of the most versatile attachments of all time. It is basically a short lever arm that can be pinned in to add attachments to as well such as Step Up Plates. Add a GOAT to your rack and unlock many stand alone machine movements in no dedicated footprint!

Alpha Arms


The Alpha Arms were designed to offer athletes freedom of movement as they can swing 180 degrees in both the Z and X planes. These arms can be locked in a straight position to be used like a traditional Lever Arm or locked in at an internal or external angle for different movements.

Alpha Bench


The Alpha Bench is constructed out of 3×3 tubing and has attachment holes on the back for 1″ attachments. The back pad is 40″x 12″ with a 1.25″ pad gap between the seat pad which is 12.5″x 12″. The bench in the renderings and pictures are showing a Premium black pad with a black wear cover, Laser Cut SD Logo, Red Frame, and Silver Accent Color.

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