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Shipping General Info

We do not have an order tracking system set up yet but if you want an update on an order please call us at (614-871-9220) or email us at

For international shipping email us for shipping information and use a Freight forwarder such as Freightos 

If you receive your package with damage please take pictures of the outside of the box before opening (if there is visible damage to the box), take a picture of the box when you open it before you un wrap the item, then take pictures of any damage of the items as well. UPS and the freight carriers will need these pictures to file a shipping claim. For any questions please call (614-871-9220) or email

Shipping FAQ

  1. Do we ship internationally? Yes we do ship internationally, you may of noticed you can only checkout through our online store if you are in the continental United States. But our customers from Hawaii, Alaska and from outside the USA will have to submit a request for a quote which can be done in the contact us tab. 

  2. Are duties and boarder taxes included in product price? No we do not include the price of duties or import/boarder taxes or fees, these are the responsibility of the customer. 

  3. What Items will get shipped LTL? LTL or freight shipments will be required for large items such as racks, ATR’s, Machines, storage units and other big items. 

  4. Will LTL shipments get dropped off in my garage? No LTL shipping companies are only required to place the skid in your driveway, some drivers may assist you in moving the skid to where you want it but are not required to do so.

  5. How do I move my skid if they leave it in my driveway? We recommend that customers rent a skid jack (which can be done at most hardware stores) to receive LTL shipments. If you don’t have a skid jack handy you can individually move all parts off the skid to move the shipment where you need it. 

  6. Can I add small attachments to my LTL shipment for no additional cost? Yes you can add small items that would normally ship parcel to your LTL shipment for no additional cost. If you have already placed your order and have an LTL shipment on the way and would like to add more items reach out to use for a free shipping code so you can add more items to the shipment from our website. 

  7. How do I make sure my package is not left unattended? LTL shipments often will provide a phone number that you can call to schedule the delivery with the driver as LTL Shipments require you to sign for them. This is also why we recommend customers use a third party tracking app. 

  8. What do I do if my package is damaged? TAKE PICTURES OF THE PACKAGE BEFORE OPENING IT, this will avoid any doubt the shipping company has in identifying liability of damaged products. Report back to sales representative within 48 hours so they can complete the warranty claim in 5 days as that is the industry standard and shippers are not required to issue refunds for packages not claimed within 5 days. 

  9. What is the best way to track the delivery of my order? We recommend customers download a third party delivery app such as “shop” or “parcel” apps like these will give you real time notifications and will not require you to check the shipping portal over and over. 

ltl/freight shipments

  • Large Items such as Racks, ATR’s, machines, storage units  and other large products will need to be shipped LTL. 

  • Your sales representative will send you tracking information as soon as they get it so you can follow your shipment and schedule a delivery time with the truck driver. 

  • LTL shipments can be made to residential locations but will require a lift gate. 

  • We recommend customers rent a skid rack to move their pallet around, if you don’t have a skid jack you will have to move each part by hand to move the package

 Inspect  Package

  1. Check shockwatch warning label and make sure it’s not red, if it is red that means the shipment was roughly handled which you should note on the bill of landing when signing

  2. Take an image of the shipment before unpacking it damaged or not this will avoid any doubts the shipping company has

  3. Use sales order to confirm all equipment is in the package 

  4. Inspect equipment to make sure nothing has been damaged cosmetically or functionally.

  5. If anything is damaged take pictures of it and report back to your sales representative within 48 hours

  6. Wait for your representative to get back to you with how the claim will be handled

  7. Wait for your warranty claim parts to be delivered to you we will ship them out ASAP but some items take longer than others as they aren’t in stock. 

*Warranty claims for shipments must be filed by Stray dog sales reps to the shipping company within 5 days of receiving the package as that is the industry standard. If you fail to confirm and report a damaged package to your sales representative within 48 hours of receiving you will not be able to file warranty claims for damaged parts as sales reps won’t have time to file the claim* 

parcel shipments

We use UPS for parcel shipments as they have the best overall shipping experience, your sales rep will send you the link to the UPS website with your tracking info as well as the tracking number. 

we recommend customers use an app such as “shop” or “UPS” to better track their order as these apps will give you real time notifications of delivery


Inspect parcel shipments for damage they don’t have a shockwatch sticker but the same 5 day warranty claim timeframe still applies. 

  1. Check package for damage 

  2. Take pictures of package to prove damage 

  3. Check products for damage either cosmetic or functional 

  4. Take pictures of products if damaged to file claim

  5. Confirm on sales order that all equipment ordered is in the shipment.

  6. Report the damages to your sales representative with pictures so they can file a warranty claim

  7. Wait for your warranty parts to arrive, then get to lifting!

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