ATR Cable Column


Our ATR Cable Columns were designed to be connected together or they can be connected off to the side of a 3×3 1″ hole rack. All ATR units are made out of 3×3 tubing with 1″ holes and 2″ hole spacing. Our Functional Trainer is two ATR Cable Columns connected at 43″ or 72″ so if you want a custom length FT you can order 2 ATR Cable Columns, Custom Crossember Brackets, and 3×3 Tubes which can be custom cut down. 

ATR Units come standard with 30" Crossmembers but they can also be made with 20" Crossmembers. If you want an ATR with 20" Crossmembers you will need to purchase the Crossmembers, Uprights, and Cable Column Attachment separately, those 3 products combined are the same thing as an ATR Cable Column but you can make it with 20" Crossmembers making the total depth 26".

If you connect two ATR Cable Columns at 43" you can create a Functional Trainer/Half Rack that is highly versatile in a small 49"x 36" Footprint.

The Difference between the Deluxe and Basic package is the Deluxe comes with a D handle and a dual storage hook.

Our ATR Cable Column was designed to be the most functional cable column on the market, when you are not using the trolley it stores at the top of the upright out of the way opening up the post for other attachments or bar cups for lifting.

Our ATR units are custom made so you can configure them however you want, by connecting two ATR Cable columns you can create a functional trainer with 72" or 43" width.

Because the trolley goes directly on the upright you can attach our utility roller attachment to keep your knees locked down for Lat Pulldowns.

If you would like to learn more about why we made ATR units and how they have evolved over time click here to read the article. 


cable column trolley 1
Knurled Handle and bronze bushings for pivot
pull pin
Pull pin for quick adjustment
head on $
Create functional trainer with 72" or 43" connectors
low pulley
Bottom Pulley for smooth movement
Attach to side of any 3x3 1" rack
weight stack close up 2
200 or 250 LBS 2:1 ratio Stack


tricep push down 2
Triceps push down
scap strap open up 2
Scap Strap Open Up
shoulder press top
Over Head Press
scap strap rows
Athletic Stance Row
flys square $$$
Mid Fly's
curls top of rep
Bicep Curls


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