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Ergonomic Turfs for Enhanced Performance

Our synthetic turfs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are made with synthetic fibers that mimic the look and feel of natural grass. They are perfect for high-impact activities such as footwork drills and sled work, and are suitable for use in functional training spaces and consumer areas. These turfs do not require infill and are extremely durable, providing added ergonomic and acoustic benefits.



Flex Turf Monster

Creates the ultimate safe and ergonomic training surface for both indoor or outdoor use.

Rage Turf

With a 12mm VCR base layer, RageTurf Rally can handle the impact of moderate weight, making it ideal for functional training applications.

Fierce Turf

Features a polyethylene turf surface field united to either a 10 or 12mm VCR ShockPad. FierceTurf Monster can be customized with lines in white, black, and yellow.



Key Features

Slip resistant to mitigate falls

Able to withstand traffic and impact abuse

Maintains form under heavy impacts

Available in a range of colors

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