Mid Row


Our Mid Row machine was developed to allow athletes to bilaterally row and not cheat with the weak side of their body by overcompensating with the dominant side.



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The Mid Row Machine was designed with the athlete in mind, the knurled handles are easier to grip and also rotate in 3 planes of motion allowing the athlete to rotate their wrists when pulling to the position most comfortable for them.

With 6 chest pad and 12 seat pad adjustment points as well as a removable seat for athletic stance rows, athletes can find the position most comfortable for them to row.

The plastic protector on the arms will keep them from getting scratched by the handles overtime. 

There is also a band attachment point for added resistance, a foot peg to lock the athlete in and a logo spot for a personalized touch.


Mid Row
Independently moving Knurled Handles with Plastic protection piece
Mid Row
Band Attachment Peg
Mid Row
Remove seat for Athletic Stance Rows
Mid Row
Foot Peg
Mid Row
Attach you own handles
Mid Row
Seat pad has 12 Adjustment Points


Mid Row
Both arm row
Mid Row
Neutral Grip hand position row
Mid Row
Seat Removed athletic stance row
Mid Row
Palm facing down row
Mid Row
Palm Up row
Mid Row
Neutral Grip row

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Modular product design to adapt and change with your training needs.


Using our 3-D CAD software we can help you design and visualize the optimal set up for your facility.


Our equipment is designed to withstand the high training volume of high school, collegiate, and professional teams.

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