Nunchuck Cable Attachment


The Nunchuck cable attachment is made out of a piece of 28.5 MM Stainless Steel with aggressive Knurling which are made in the USA. Nunchucks are sold individually, not in pairs but pair very well with Cable Connectors to do a wide variety of movements. The handle is 6″ long and will challenge your grip on any cable exercises or for chin ups. If you already own an Nunchuck and want to swap it to a Stainless Handle you can by ordering a Stainless Handle.

Availability: 7 in stock (can be backordered)

The Nunchuck is made out of a 28.5 MM Knurled handle that is threaded on each end, the top has an eye bolt and the bottom has a ball added to it. We add lock tight to each end so it does not come loose with normal use, so if you want to remove them you can but you will need to use a little elbow grease.

The Handle is 6" of knurled stainless steel when you add the eye bolt and ball on the end the total height is 9".

The Nunchuck Cable Attachment was designed to allow athletes to use a neutral grip when doing cable exercises which are normally done in a pronated or supinated grip position.

Nunchucks could also be attached to a weight pin for farmers walks, or grip training


close up knurling $$$$$$$
Aggressive Knurling
stainless eye bolt
Eye Bolt made in Chicago
ball on end
Ball to help grip
square $$$$$
Now Stainless Steel
Comes with a Carabier
square on connector $
Pair with Cable Connector


cable connector push down $$$
Dual Triceps Push Down
face pull $$$$
Face Pulls
hammer curls $$$
Hammer Curls
pull up top of rep
Pull Ups
pull across 4
Pull Across
tricep push down 2
Single Arm Push Down


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