Multi-Grip Cable/Landmine Attachment


The Multi-Grip Cable/Landmine Attachment was designed to be a multi-use attachment that can be used on cable machines or landmine units. Weighing in at 22 LBS this bar is sturdy but not too awkward/heavy for cable exercises. The 6 knurled handles can be moved to 16 different locations to change the grip.

Availability: 6 in stock (can be backordered)

We made a prototype of this bar back in 2020 that also had sleeves to load weights onto but opted to remove them as it made the bar heavy and awkward for cable or landmine movements.
-Handles are a section of the Stray Dog power bar with black texture powder coat
-Includes carabiner
-Hole to fit over 2" Bar end to be used for landmine work (no plastic)
-Includes 3 pairs of handles
-Preset Handle positions are 12", 24", 36" on center
-Using tools the handles can be adjusted  between 8" and 36" on center in 4" increments


on bar angled
Landmine Hole for 2" Bar (No Plastic)
Carabiner Included
on cable wide
8 Holes per side 2" Apart
handle 3
Knurled Handle
head on
Close Grip, Mid Grip and Wide Grip Handles
angled bar 2
Landmine Hole


viking press top $
Mid Grip Viking Press
wide grip press 3
Mid Grip Landmine Press
bent over rows $
Landmine Rows
mid low rows end
Mid Grip Cable Rows
close grip lat pull
Close Grip Lat Pull
wide lat pull down
Wide Grip Lat Pulls


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