Change Plate Storage


The Change Plate storage allows you to store 2.5, 5 and 10 LBS change plates with ease without taking up as much room on the rack post as 3 separate pegs would. Only one bolt is needed to attach the unit as the fingers in the back are spaced 3″ to grip the outsides of the post and keep it from rotating and also double as storage fingers.

1″ option comes with one 1″ bolt, one 1″ washer, one 1″ lock washer and one 1″ nut. The 5/8″ option comes with one 5/8″ bolt, one 5/8″ washer, one 5/8″ lock washer and one 5/8″ nut.


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The Unit has one 1" hole and two 5/8" holes which are spaced 4" apart, the storage fingers on the back also keep the change plate storage from rotating.

The Change Plate Storage has been a popular storage solution for our customers as it allows them to store all 3 kinds of change plates as well as clips, bands and other miscellaneous items.

This is the second version, the original had 1 peg up top for 2.5's and 2 pegs below for 5's and 10's we found that some brand plates cannot fit both 5 and 10 LBS plates next to each other so we flipped it upside down and now recommend to put the 10 LBS plates on bottom and the 2.5's and 5's on top.

Features 2 storage fingers on the back which are angled up at 3 degrees for more secure storage of clips, bands, chains, straps or any other item under 50 LBS.

The change plates storage allows you to store more weights without taking up as much space on the post, with two of the 3 pegs being off to the side of the rack post it leaves more holes above it open compared to using 3 separate pegs to store change plates.

One Change plate comes with the ST Alpha Half rack but the STR and MG Package have 2 change plate storages per rack.

One change plate comes with the ST, STR and MG Triad Rack package.


Change Plate Storage
Holds 2.5,5 and 10 LBS plates
Change Plate Storage
Storage Fingers
Change Plate Storage
Can be attached to a crossmember
Change Plate Storage
2 5/8" holes 4" apart
Change Plate Storage
On 5/8" Rack
Change Plate Storage
Angled Storage tabs

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