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To provide the highest quality flooring available for your sports performance facility Stray Dog Strength has partnered with Ecore Athletic. We will help you with the entire process from initial concept to marital/color selection and installation. 

Bring world-class durability, safety, ergonomics, and acoustics to your school athletic facility with Ecore and Stray Dog Strength. We engineer long-lasting surfaces that surpass industry standards for impact absorption and noise reduction, ensuring the safety and comfort of student-athletes, staff, and fans for years to come.  



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c o u r t s

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We start by meeting with coaches and administrators to understand their needs and budget. Then we make a 3D model of their facility and start to put equipment and flooring where they actually would go in the room to get a feel for the space we are working with. 

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We work directly with ECORE International to design custom flooring for your needs and handle the entire process from start to finish. Giving our clients a stress free process as creating a new facility can be overwhelming. 

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Our professional flooring install team will come in and prep the room for installation, do moister testing and then begin the laying of the glue/floor once the floor is at the proper moisture level to ensure it adheres to the floor and does not bubble up or peel up over time. 

f l o o r i n g



We’ve ergonomically engineered our floors to support joints and absorb impact, benefitting a wide range of activities. The result? People can do what they love — longer.


Falls and fall-related injuries are major issues in commercial flooring. Our resilient flooring products have a high coefficient of friction for slip-resistance, helping to reduce risk.


When it comes to noise, we believe less is more. We design our floors to absorb sound energy, from weight drops to footfall from floors above.


We use a professional flooring installation team that has all the specialty tools to make the flooring install process both more efficient and uniform. 

Yes we install inlaid platforms using a different color for the center and the drop zones. These inlaid platforms are better than traditional platforms as they are not raised up creating a tripping hazard and making that space not useful for sprints or agility. 

Flooring can last anywhere between 10 and 30 years depending how well it is taken care of and the volume of use of the floor. 

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