Stray Dog Strength equipment is designed to withstand the high training volume of high school, collegiate and professional teams. Our products are backed by over 20 years of real world research and development.


At Stray Dog Strength product designs are centered around the needs of a modern day sports performance facility. Our modular designs allow for endless combinations and configurations to adapt to your changing needs. Our products are fully designed in our 3D CAD software and then tested in our R&D center to validate the design. 

Full rack


With over 25 years of experience in sports performance equipment design, we’ve refined our rack system to a modular design, featuring industry-standard 3×3” tubing with 1” holes spaced 2” apart. This design supports not only our 25+ rack attachments but also those from other brands. Our Racks, with bolt-together frames are fully modular, evolving alongside your program’s changing needs.



Storage plays a crucial role in sports performance facilities, but is often overlooked. At Stray Dog Strength, we seamlessly integrate storage into our products. For instance, our spotter arms store in our crossmembers, and our Glute Ham rollers feature built-in storage tabs for convenient rack station storage. Efficiency demands storing items close to their use points, minimizing time spent moving around the room.



Efficient space utilization is key. Our Design philosophy focuses on maximizing storage within a limited area. For instance our half racks can accommodate cable machine attachments internally without expanding their footprint, thereby conserving space. Furthermore, our ATR Units ingeniously, merge machines, attachment lifting stations, and stage into a single footprint, optimizing space without compromising functionality. 



We collaborate directly with your administration, coaches, and athletes to ensure the facility we design perfectly aligns with your needs. With more than 25 years of industry experience, we bring the expertise necessary to save you thousands through smart equipment selection and to smoothly navigate the challenges of designing a new facility.


Our products are proudly manufactured in Columbus Ohio. Using state of the art manufacturing processes like fiber lasers, three stage powder coating line and more. 


 We stand behind all of our products with our industry leading warranty. For more information on our warranty click the link below or reach out to your sales representative.

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