Spring Ankle


The Spring Ankle Device was designed to be the ideal tool for working on efficient energy transfer, Designed by Cal Dietz of Triphasic Training and Minnesota University. The Spring Ankle series was created by sport/speed performance coach Chris Karfist and aims to enhance the transfer of power from the body to the ground by strengthening the entire chain of muscles and structures involved, read more here. This Product is Patent Pending. Will be back in stock in mid-late June.

Cal Dietz Video Explaining Spring Ankle

The Spring Ankle Series provides a systematic approach to strengthen the foot and ankle complex, optimizing power transfer and reducing energy leaks. By addressing the ankle stability and function, athletes can improve their acceleration, speed and overall performance.

The concept of the Spring Ankle was created by Chris Korfist a Track and Field/Speed coach who started Slow Guy Speed School. Cal Dietz a friend of Chris Korfist popularized the Spring Ankle Exercise in his Triphasic Training manuals and partnered with Stray Dog Strength to manufacture and distribute the product.

The Spring Ankle Series is a valuable tool for athletes at all levels, helping them develop a strong and stable foot and ankle complex. It is important to progress through the series gradually, ensuring athletes can maintain proper form and positioning before advancing to the next level. By incorporating these exercises into training programs, athletes can enhance their performance, reduce the risk of injuries, and maximize their athletic potential. Full article available on Triphasic Trainings Site

To take an even further deep dive into Cal Dietz's Spring Ankle System you can order his coaches tube course titled Triphasic Speed Training Manual For Elite Performance: Part 1 The Spring Ankle Model the most detailed break down of his system.


close up 15
15 Degree Angled Foot Plate
bumper $$$$$
Rubber Bumpers to Stop Rotation/Sliding
angled right 2
4 Way L Bracket
top down circle
Triphasic Training Logo
above head
12" x 9.5" Footprint
back bumpers 2
Stray Dog Strength Sticker


bodyweight whole
Bodyweight Loading
db loaded 2 $
Free Weight Loading
loaded 3 $$$$$$
Overcoming Iso Loading
torque 7
Spring Ankle Torque Position 7
torque 8 back $
Position 8 Back
torque 4
Position 4


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