GOAT Attachment


The GOAT Attachment was designed to be one of the most versatile attachments of all time, the bearings allow for smooth rotation and the brackets 5 adjustment holes allow you to pin in the tube at 11 different angles. The GOAT Attachment comes with the bracket, 24″ tube with 1″ and 2 hitch pins, attachments sold separately. The Tube cannot be swapped out for a smaller or longer tube and we will not sell just the bracket. Click here to watch a YouTube video on the GOAT Attachment. 

The 5/8″ version is the same exact unit as the 1″ but the pin is swapped out for a 5/8″ pin and you will receive one 1″ pin to pin the tube in at an angle and 1 5/8″ pin to hold the unit on the upright. The pin goes behind the post not through it. So the holes on the tube are still 1″ on the 5/8″ version.


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The GOAT Attachment comes with the 24" Tube, Bracket with bearings, 2 Hitch Pins and 1 Rubber Bumper for the tube.

All attachments are sold separately, the tube is 3x3" with 1" holes so other brand rollers and weight pegs will be compatible.

To do a Leg Curl or Leg Extension either single or dual leg, you would need 2 roller pads and 1 Adjustable weight peg. Both our Single Utility Roller or Alpha Roller Pads would work.

To do Dorsiflexion/Plantarflexion step ups or pistol squats you would need to pair the Step Up Plate with the GOAT.

To do hip thrusts you would need 1 roller pad either Single Utility Roller or Alpha Roller and 1 Adjustable weight peg.

To do bicep curls you would need 1 Utility Loop, 1 roller pad either Single Utility Roller or Alpha Roller and 1 Adjustable weight peg.

The GOAT can also be connected to an ATR Cable Column or Cable Column Attachment to do weight stack resistance leg curls, leg extensions, weighted crunch, or back attack.


GOAT Attachment
GOAT Attachment
3x3" Tube with 1" holes
GOAT Attachment
Bumper to protect upright
GOAT Attachment
Stray Dog Pin location
GOAT Attachment
Offset Holes Pin Location
GOAT Attachment
5/8" Pin Option


GOAT Attachment
Single Or Dual Leg Extensions
GOAT Attachment
Hamstring Curls
GOAT Attachment
Hip Thrusts
GOAT Attachment
Dorsiflexion step ups
GOAT Attachment
Plantarflexion Step Ups
GOAT Attachment
Bicep Curls

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