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Top 5 Glute Ham Roller Exercises

The Glute Ham Roller is a versatile piece of equipment that may not seem obvious what it is for at first glance. While other companies use the same design with two lower bars, no resistance tab, and no storage tab, we made three significant improvements to our Glute Ham Roller when we released it in 2022. Firstly, we raised the bar to prevent knuckles from dragging on the ground during use. Secondly, we added a resistance/assistance tab that allows for quick and easy addition of resistance or assistance using bands or cables. Finally, we incorporated built-in storage, making it easy to store the rollers at a rack station. Click here to watch our YouTube video that shows why our Glute Ham Roller is the best on the market. 

The Glute Ham Roller is most commonly used for the Bilateral Glute Ham Curl, an exercise that is highly effective in building strength in the glutes, lower back, and hamstrings. At only $125, this device is an affordable way to target the posterior chain. With our resistance tab, the exercise can be modified to provide assistance or resistance, making it suitable for athletes of any level. Overall, the Glute Ham Roller is a valuable addition to any fitness routine looking to improve posterior chain strength.


Ab Rollouts are an effective exercise for building core, upper body, and back strength. However, investing in an AB roller may not be the best use of your money since it only allows you to perform one exercise and is difficult to store. Our Glute Ham Roller, on the other hand, is a versatile piece of equipment that allows you to perform multiple exercises on one unit, making it a more cost-effective option. Additionally, the Glute Ham Roller can be conveniently stored at each rack station on the crossmember, which is usually open/not used, ensuring it won’t get in the way of your workout. A Balance Pad can be placed under the knees to make ab roll outs more comfortable.


Lateral lunges are an effective exercise for building hip, glute, and quad strength, but they can be challenging to perform without a roller to slide the foot. If athletes require assistance due to the difficulty of the exercise, they can add band or cable assistance or resistance to the roller.  The Glute Ham Roller is a versatile piece of equipment that can be added to supplement lower body training and makes lateral lunges more comfortable and effective. It is also a great tool for performing various other exercises to enhance your lower body training.

In the image above, the Glute Ham Roller is shown being used with cable resistance for Bilateral Glute Ham Curls. This enables even the most advanced athletes to effectively train their hamstrings, even after years of progression. The resistance tab can also be used to add assistance. Although the cable could be added for assistance, it would not be very comfortable as the athlete would be lying on top of it. However, this is not a big issue with the band and it is shown below being used for assistance.  The Glute Ham Roller’s versatility in accommodating different levels of resistance and assistance makes it an ideal addition to any training program and sets it apart from the other Rollers on the market. 


Ab Roll outs are a great exercise for building core, shoulder and back strength, if they stop being difficult for athletes over time you can add resistance with a band or add assistance shown above. For band assisted AB Roll outs the band slows you down on the eccentric portion making it easier to control and helps you on the concentric potion assisting the athlete on the way back up.

At just $125, the Glute Ham Roller is an affordable investment that adds versatility to any rack station. Athletes who are unable to complete a Glute Ham Raise (GHR) on a GHD (Glute Ham Developer) Machine can use the Glute Ham Roller to progress their posterior chain strength, specifically hamstring strength, and eventually work towards doing assisted and then full GHRs. The Glute Ham Roller is a cost-effective and space-saving solution that offers numerous benefits, making it a no-brainer addition to any training facility. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your lower body training with the Glute Ham Roller.


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