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Difference Between Our 5 Lat Pull Down Variations

Lat Pull Downs are a stalple in nearly every type of facility that has weight lifting equipment, from big box gyms to sports performance centers and home gyms you will find them virtually everywhere. At Stray Dog Strength  we like to offer customers as many variations as possible so we have a solution for every situation. With 5 different Lat Pull Down variations including one that is plate loaded and also a belt squat chances are we have an option that will work with your space! We make a Fixed Seat Stand Alone Lat Pull Down, ATR Lat Pull Down, Rack Mounted Lat pull Down, Lat Pull Down Attachment and a Belt Squat/Lat Pull Down Combo as well.

1. fixed seat lat pull down

Our Fixed Seat Lat Pull Down Unit is the classic stand alone lat pull down you think of when you think of a lat pull down machine. The main thing that makes it different that other “traditional” lat pull down/low row machine’s is the fact that it is made fully of 3×3″ tubing with 1″ holes. this allows you to add storage attachments or store attachments off the back post. The Seat has a fixed seat that cannot be adjusted but the knee hold has a pivoting mechanism to adjust the height. The unit also has a low row foot hold that telescopes in and out for different height athletes allowing them to get a full stretch/ROM on low rows. 

 This Fixed Seat can be added to an ATR Lat Pull down or Rack/Wall Mounted Lat Pull Down as a custom order, you would not want to put it with a Lat Pull Down Attachment as you would use the ability to use the rack to lift.

2. ATr lat pull down

Our ATR Lat Pull Down/Low Row is also made out of 3×3″ tubing with 1″ holes all over but the seat and knee hold are removable, this allows you to add other attachments for use when not using it for Lat Pull Downs. This is huge in places where space is crucial such as home gyms or school facilities. Instead of investing the money and space to a single use machine add an ATR Lat Pull Down that is also an attachment post.  The ATR Lat Pull Down above is connected off to the side of an Alpha Half Rack at the end of a row of 4 racks at Trimble HS.  

The ATR Lat Pull Downs/Low Row Units pictured below are connected to each other with three 72″ DB Trays at Perry Lake High School.

3. rack mounted lat pull down unit

Our Rack/Wall Mounted Lat pull down unit uses a slotted crossmember that can be connected to any brand half rack with 1″ holes or to a wall. It is the same thing as our ATR Lat Pull Down but it only has 1 upright and has 20″ wall mounted crossmembers instead of the 30″ that come on the ATR Lat Pull Down. Our Rack mounted Lat Pull Downs do not come with a Fixed Low Pulley but you can add one at anytime. 

 Pictured below an athlete is performing resisted dips with our Dip Attachment which has a hole to allow the low pulley cable to pass through for resisted dips. This is made possible by removing the seat and knee hold creating an extra station. 

4. Lat pull down attachment

Our Lat Pull Down Attachment can be added to any Alpha Half Rack with 30″ or 20″ crossmembers. The Lat Seat is added to the Spotter Arm and the Dual Utility Roller and Lat Bar can store on the back uprights out of the way making this a fully contained lat pull down inside of a half rack.  Shown here the lat pull down attachment does not have a Fixed low pulley added, but they can be added at anytime.

Pictured below is an Alpha Double Half Rack at Triway High School with A Lat Pull Down Attachment on one side an a Cable Column Attachment  on the other with a pair of lever arms off the back side. 

5. belt squat/lat pull down plate loaded

Single Use machines are not something we believe  in at Stray Dog Strength, that is why we designed our Belt Squat to also be a lat pull down AND Low row unit. This Platform Belt Squat unit will be released in 2024 but we have had an ATR Belt Squat/Lat Pull down and an attachment version since 2021. 

 Pictured below is our Belt Squat/Lat Pull Down Attachments have been added to both sides of an Alpha STR Half Rack. As you need to still use the rack, the belt squat attachment does not have a built in platform and one was added to the left side, while the right side was setup for lat pull downs. Both sides are the same thing just setup in different modes. 


The multiple kinds of Lat Pull Downs that we offer all have different strengths and weaknesses, all of them can do the basic Lat Pull Down and Low row functions but all are assembled in a slightly different way to give customers different options for different spaces/circumstances. The Lat Pull Down attachment is the lowest profile and the cheapest of all the options but you have to put it in an Alpha Half rack, the negative to that is you cannot use the lat and lift at the same time, the positive is it takes up no space, it is cheaper and you can incorporate them into the station and not have the athlete move around the facility. 

Our ATR Lat Pull Down is our favorite option for adding a Lat Pull Down to a facility because when incorporated into DB or Flat Storage Trays it can be come a great use of space. In one space you can do Lat Pull Down/Low Rows, Use Attachments when the seat and knee hold are removed and store DB’s, Med Balls, Kettlebells and much more. 

Chances are if you want a lat pull down, we have the perfect option for you and if you would rather just do lat pull downs on your cable column, you can do that too!

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