Lever Arms


Lever arms are a very useful training tool that allow exercises to be trained that cannot be done with a barbell or free-weight. Our lever arms are different from the rest on the market as the weight peg and handle are independent of each other allowing you to change the location of the load independently of the handle. This also allows you to swap out the handle for any 1″ attachable handle.

Our Lever Arms have both a 1" hole and two 5/8" holes allowing them to go onto any 3x3 rack with 1" or 5/8" holes. They have ticks on them like our Ticked Uprights so you know which hole you are using similar to a number system.

They are available in both Fixed and Adjustable versions, both versions come with an Adjustable weight peg and Utility Loop as a handle so you can change the location of the load without changing the handle. This allows you to play around with different load/handle variations to find the one that is best for each specific exercise.

As our handle and weight peg are not one unit you can change out the handle for a knurled handle or another sort of handle.

Our Lever Arms are Made to order meaning they are available in our 11 standard colors for no extra fee or can be a custom color for a fee.


Independent Handle and Weight Peg
pinned up 4
Can be pinned in
side bracket
Bracket fits 1" and 5/8" Racks
bar on cups
Add bar cups
triphasic 5
Triphasic Arms
SD Logo and Ticks


Jammer Press
top 2
Shoulder Press
deadlift top
pallof 3
Palloff Press

our products are


Made in the heart of America using American labor.


Modular product design to adapt and change with your training needs.


Using our 3-D CAD software we can help you design and visualize the optimal set up for your facility.


Our equipment is designed to withstand the high training volume of high school, collegiate, and professional teams.

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