Fixed Low Pulley


The fixed low pulley was designed to give customers the ability to add a low pulley with feet pegs to lock feet in on Lat pull-down or cable column units. Comes with a low-row cable and also fits other brand 1″ hole 3×3 racks. Comes with our ATR Lat Pull-down Low row and can be added to the ATR Lat Pull-down after purchasing.

The fixed low pulley foot pegs store out of the way when not in use with two pull pins, giving you the ability to lock your feet in when doing low rows but not get in the way when not using the unit.

The fixed pulley can be added to our ATR Lat Pull down or Rack Attached Lat Pull down to add the ability to do low row movements while keeping the feet locked in.


flipped out head on
Foot Pegs
folded in $
Stored Away
flipped in
Low Profile
low pulley square
Fits other brand 1" Racks


low row $$$$
Low Rows
curls 2
pull through $$
Pull Throughs
wide low rows
Multi-Grip Rows
low row $$$
Low Rows Side


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