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Difference Between our Cable Column Variations

What is a cable column?

A Cable Column is an adjustable pulley that uses a trolley system on the upright to change the pulley height from 10″ off the ground to 7 feet high. Most Cable Columns use a 4:1 or 2:1 ratio, ours all use 2:1 ratio’s with the ability for 150 LBS of resistance from the 300 LBS Stack. This adjustable pulley system can be used for dozens if not hundreds of movements, different handles/attachments can be paired with them to unlock other exercises. Often Cable Columns are connected to each other to create what is called a Functional Trainer. Functional Trainers allow atheltes to do dual cable column movements such as chest flys or delt flys.

We have one of the few cable column on the market that has the trolley on 3×3″ tubing, this is very important as it allows you to use your normal rack attachments with it. This is also why we are the ONLY Brand that makes a cable column attachment for a half rack in the united states that does not take up any increased footprint.  This allows you to pair attachments with the Cable Column such as a Dual Utility Roller for a lat pull down knee hold or you can add bar cups and lift off two cable columns if connected with a 43″ connector creating a functional trainer/half rack. 

1. atr cable column

Our ATR Cable Columns are made using two Uprights and two 30″ Crossmembers, they can also be custom ordered with 20″ Crossmembers but then there is not room to add Storage Trays. Pictured above a 20″ Crossmember ATR Cable Column was added to the side of an Alpha Half Rack as a part of Pre-Configured ATR #1. The ATR Cable Column is the best option to add if you have the space as you can store attachments and other items off the back posts shown here storing Bumpers and cable attachments.

2. Functional trainer 43" or 72"

Our Functional Trainer is made using two ATR Cable Columns connected with a 43″ or 72″ connector or storage tray. We can also do custom length by making custom crossmembers, we can go as short as 12″ and as long as 96″.  Our ATR Functional Trainers are essentially mass storage units, Trays can be stacked up as high as 5 high, but most people only add 4 as the top shelf is high if 5 are added. 

Pictured below is a 43″ Functional Trainer  at Dublin Scioto High School, this is apart of an ATR Unit that has 4 Cable Columns connected by 474″ of DB Trays.

3. cable column attachment

Pictured above is an Alpha MG Half Rack at Beal City High School in Michigan. Both Sides of this rack have a cable column attachment added to it, creating a 43″ functional trainer/half rack unit. Our Cable Column Attachment is our lowest footprint cable column as it takes up no dedicated floor space.

Another option is putting one cable column in two half racks next to each other, creating a Functional Trainer between them. This allows for the racks to have one open side for storage or access in and out for the spotter but still adds a Functional Trainer without taking up any floor space.  Shown Below at Hamilton Township High School, two cable column attachments added to Alpha Half Racks creating a Functional Trainer between them.

4. rack/wall mounted cable column

Our Rack/Wall Mounted Cable Column is made with two Slotted 20″ Crossmembers (pictured below) that can be mounted to any 3×3″ tubing or a wall. Pictured above our Rack Mounted Cable Column is added to the center of a Triad Double Half Rack. The Rack Mounted Cable Columns are a great way to add a cable column and attachment post in only 23″ x 3″ of space. 

5. custom 30" Wall mounted cable column

Our Rack/Wall Mounted Cable Column is made with two Slotted 20″ Crossmembers that can be mounted to any 3×3″ tubing or a wall. The unit shown above is a custom Wall Mounted Cable Column made using two 30″ Crossmembers and 1 upright, the customer wanted it like this so he can sit on the floor for lat pull downs with the Dual Utility Roller and have enough room to keep his feet from hitting the wall.

What makes SDS Cable columns unique?

At Stray Dog Strength it is our mission to create the most versatile and efficient equipment possible. Our Designs are made specifically for sports performance facilities, where space efficiency and efficiency of training are some of the largest things in considerations when choosing equipment. Our Cable Columns can turn into a Posterior Chain Building machine by adding a Nordic Plate Attachment for assisted Nordics, or flip it around and use it as a knee hold for Lat Pull Downs. 

Our Cable Columns are fully bolt together units using 3×3″ tubing with 1″ holes all over allowing you to use or store attachments off the back post as well as add crossmembers of storage trays to tie them into other units. If you buy one ATR Cable Column to connect off to the side of your rack and then in the future want to add a Functional Trainer, you can just add a second ATR Cable Column and attach it on the other side of the unit or take both cable columns and connect them to each other away from the rack, the possibilities are endless. 


Cable Columns especially Functional Trainers can be used for a wide variety of movements from your standard tricep push downs and chest flys to doing resisted sprints and other athletic movements. With a Stray Dog Strength cable column you do not just get a cable column you get an attachment post as we use the same exact parts on our rack as we do for our cable columns.

Do not waste the space in your facility and buy a cable column that puts the slide on a piece of tubing smaller than 3×3″ with 1″ holes because you will lose the versatility of an extra attachment station or adding attachments into your cable movements. ATR Stands for Auxiliary training rack so our ATR Cable Column is really a single post rack that can be used for any movement including barbell lifting if another one is connected to it at 43″. 

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