Dual Utility Roller


Our Dual Utility roller was designed to be an independent roller that can be used for Lat pull downs, Split squats, Nordic Curls, Bicep curls and much more. Comes with Stray Dog Hitch Pin

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Our utility roller was designed to do much more than just keep your knees locked in for Lat pull downs. Due to it's smooth rotation you can do various exercise such as split squats, feet elevated push ups, Nordic curls, and more exercises.

The wooden rod not only allows the roller to rotate more smoothly it also keeps the integrity of the pad so even heavy loads of split squats over time will not break down the foam.

The inside of the utility roller frame has 3 screwed in plastic pieces  one for each rack contact point to protect the rack post.


Dual Utility Roller
Adjustable to Any hole
Dual Utility Roller
Wooden Rod for smooth rotation
Dual Utility Roller
Plastic to protect post
Dual Utility Roller
Independent from seat for easy storing and adjustment
Dual Utility Roller
High quality stitching
Dual Utility Roller
Available in 9 Upholstery colors


Dual Utility Roller
Knee hold for lat pull downs
Dual Utility Roller
Split Squats
Dual Utility Roller
Nordic Curls
Dual Utility Roller
Bicep Curls
Dual Utility Roller
Sit Ups
Dual Utility Roller
Feet Elevated Push Ups

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