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Top 5 Dual Utility Roller Exercises

The Dual Utility Roller is a highly versatile rack attachment available in 5/8″ and 1″ versions. It has two 8″ rollers that rotate for movements  like split squats taking the stress off the ankle joint. It comes in 9 color options for 1″ racks and is included with our ATR Lat Pull Down Deluxe version as a knee hold. This product is ideal for anyone looking for a multi-functional rack attachment that can enhance their workout routine, as it has many uses beyond holding down knees for Lat Pull Downs. 


The Split Squat is a popular single leg lower body exercise that can be optimized with the use of an Dual Utility Roller. Pictured above is the Dual Roller added to our Alpha Bench for a portable split squat stand. This unit features two 8″ pads that are 9″ off the upright. Additionally, the roller’s rotation function effectively reduces pressure on the ankle joint, making it an ideal accessory for executing the split squat. With the rotating pad, the split squat becomes an easier exercise to learn and execute, as it helps to balance the body compared to using a bench or box.

If you’re looking to build posterior chain strength, especially hamstring strength, Nordic Curls are an excellent exercise to add to your regiment.  To set up for Nordic Curls, it’s best to use a Dual Utility Roller behind your legs and a Balance Pad under your knees.

The Original Purpose for designing the Dual Utility Roller was to hold knee s down for Lat Pull Downs on our ATR Lat Pull Down Units. As the Lat Seat and Dual Utility Roller are separate it allows you to adjust and store them easier as well as use them for other exercises. Our system is modular allowing you to use the attachments for other purposes than the original intention. 

The Dual Utility Roller is a versatile piece of equipment that’s great for feet-elevated push-ups as the pads rotate to take stress off the ankle joints. The roller can be adjusted to any height, allowing athletes to choose the level of elevation that matches their strength level. As athletes get stronger, they can raise the roller to make the exercises more challenging. Overall, the Dual Utility Roller is an excellent tool for athletes looking to improve their strength and stability.


Sit ups are a great exercise for building abdominal strength, to take your sit ups to the next level and isolate the movement with a Dual Utility Roller to hold your feet down. 

The Dual Utility Roller is a versatile piece of equipment designed for a variety of exercises beyond just holding your knees down during Lat Pull Downs. When choosing equipment, it’s important to consider its multi-purpose usability, and that’s where our modular attachments come in. You can easily add them not only to racks but also to machines and benches. All our equipment is made in America with laser cut 3×3 tubing with 1″ holes, ensuring durability and stability for generations to come. Invest in the Dual Utility Roller and experience its wide range of benefits for your exercise routine.


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