Belt Squat/Lat Pull down Combo Attachment


Our Rack attached Belt Squat is our only plate-loaded machine attachment as many athletes are able to squat more than 250 pounds. The Low Pulley needs to be bolted down for the Belt Squat to work. This unit also doubles as a plate-loaded Lat pull-down making it one of the most versatile attachments out there. 

Deluxe version comes with Spud INC Belt Squat Belt and storage hook for Lat bar, belt and low pulley cable.

The Belt squat attachment was designed to allow athletes who are injured or athletes who don't need the extra spine compression but still want to load the lower body for squats to gain strength.

Our Rack attached belt squat is not just for athletes with back issues, athletes with upper body issues that cannot hold a bar such as shoulder, arm, hand or even collar bone injuries can safely squat with the Stray Dog Strength Rack attached belt squat.

Comes with Spud INC Adjustable Belt Squat Belt

Our Belt Squat/Lat Pull Down combo unit is our only plate loaded machine attachment as many athletes squat more than 250 pounds.  With two 16" weight pegs athletes can train with virtually any load they choose without compressing their spine and stress on the upper body.

The adjustable stop is necessary when using the belt squat as different height athletes will want to start and stop the weight at different heights to avoid awkward half reps. The adjustable stop should be removed while doing Lat pull downs as the trolley starts at the bottom and the stop is not needed.



square top of belt squats
High Pulley
front foot 1
Low Pulley (must bolt down)
ladder side $
Adjustable Stop for different height athletes
handle close
Knurled Handles
carriage close
Two 16" Weight pegs
spud belt best edit
Spud INC Belt Squat Belt


square belt squat
Belt Squat bottom
squat pulling stop
Adjustable Height Stop
square edited lat
Lat pull down
tricep push down
Triceps Push down
low pulley curls
Low Pulley Curls
low row
Low Pulley Row


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