Rack/ATR Height Modification


Custom rack height add on, this will cover any machine attachment that needs cut down that was also ordered at the same time as the rack. The guide rods and the cable will be modified to the appropriate height as well.

Please indicate in the notes when placing an order how high you want the highest part on the rack/ATR to be, if you your ceiling is 94″ don’t have us cut it to 94″ because it will not fit go 2″ shorter than the ceiling height so in this example 92″ for a 94″ ceiling to get the maximum functionality.

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The shortest we have ever cut a rack down to was 80" from 96".

By cutting down the rack you limit the cable travel for cable machines, so if you are getting a Lat pull down especially you should cut down the unit as little as possible to maximize functionality.

A good rule of thumb is to go 2" or 4" shorter than ceiling height as we can only cut down in 2" increments.


Rack/ATR Height Modification
only $250 to modify all 4 uprights
Rack/ATR Height Modification
We aim to be 2-4" below the ceiling height
Rack/ATR Height Modification
Yes we can modify cable attachments too

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