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Stray Dog Strength was founded because the market needed solutions that did not exist. We have been providing custom solutions to meet our customers specific needs for over 20 years. To us having your equipment in your colors and logos is not custom it is PERSONALIZATION. We personalize ever single piece of equipment we make. Custom solutions is our answers in solving customers problems that they could not solve with off the self equipment. Below are some examples of custom solutions we have created over the last 20 plus years, some of these solutions have become part of our standard products.

Findlay Outdoor Jungle

After we completed two weight rooms for Findlay High School, they came back to us with a problem that their current weight rooms were not able to solve. They wanted the ability to train their athletes outside with both body weight and traditional barbell exercises. The solution we created with them was this jungle, it is 32.5 feet long and has different sections that are 7, 8 and 9 feet tall. This jungle has 8 different lifting stations for barbell work with a 12″ deep sand floor for athlete safety.

Click here for more photos of Findlay High School’s Facility 

West liberty 16" lat pull down rack attachment

West Liberty strength coach Dan Hopkins wanted to add Lat pull down low row stations to his sports performance center without taking up a lot of space. 

Normally our crossmembers have a depth of 30” but that took up too much space for West Liberty’s sports performance facility as it would get in the way of  the turf so we made them at 16”. 

UMHW Bar Cups for tear drop racks

Mercer County High School asked us to modify our new UMHW Sandwich style Bar Cups to fit their old Stray Dog tear drop style racks. We added plastic to the inside of the bar cup as well as on the contact points with the bar to allow these racks to last another 10+ years as they were installed in 2012. 

Click here to see more photos of Mercer County’s Facility 


Go fitness storage solutions

Go Fitness has two gyms in Columbus Ohio and has been customer since they opened 15 years ago. Recently they reached out to us to help redesign their facility. Owner Nick Osborn wanted to create a “wall” in his facility to keep the turf and rack area separate so we created this custom dumbbell, medicine ball and kettlebell rack al in one in GO Fitness’s custom neon green of course. 

The wall has V trays for balls and flat trays for kettlebells and other exercises on one side and has dumbbell storage on the other side. This allows the gym to flow better as the equipment is stored in the area it is needed, Dumbbells by the benches/racks and balls and kettlebells by the turf. 

Click here to see more photos of Go Fitness’s Facility 


Go Fitness has several custom pieces from Stray Dog Strength as they want to have custom equipment to allow their athletes to Leave The Pack. Owner Nick Osborn wanted ball storage but did not want to take up any floor space to do so, we came up with a wall mounted ball storage that holds 6 medicine balls. 

Go Fitness ball target

Go Fitness owner Nick Osborn wanted to add wall ball targets to his facility but wanted them to match his facility colors and logo.  We came up with a design for custom targets made out of 3 layers of Laser cut steel sheets painted Neon Green and yellow with one 1/4″ thick acrylic plastic overlay to protect the paint. 3 of these targets were added to the “wall” storage unit we also custom made the facility. 

Click here to see more photos of Go Fitness’s Facility 


Riverside Auxiliary Training Station

Riverside High School needed a way to maximize their space and get multiple uses out of their auxiliary machines. So we worked with them to create our first fully integrated Wall Mounted Auxiliary Training Unit. This solution gave them programming options. The wall mounted auxiliary training unit can be used as 8 overflow lifting stations.

It has Lat pull downs, jammer arms, The Difference machine, plate storage, power conditioning ropes, chin ups with neutral grips and fat bar connectors. The highlight of the unit is the ends that have 4 foot training cubes with arched connectors.   All of this within a 5′ x 60′ Area.  This unit transforms to solve problems for a diverse amount of training needs.

canal winchester attachment posts

Canal Winchester High School wanted to add Difference Maker Striking machines to their sports performance facility but didn’t want to take up any space on their racks to do so. 
So we made them these custom stand alone attachment posts which allow them to store multiple of them at the same time.

Kenyon college 210 stilts

Our 210 machine which is a combination of a reverse hyper and a GHD machine is a great unit for building posterior chain strength but athletes over 6’4” are too tall to use our standard machine. 

To solve this problem we created stilts for the 210 unit which we laser cut out “Kenyon” to add a personal touch. The machine doesn’t come standard this tall because then it’s hard for smaller athletes to use.

Arcanum Training Fence

Arcanum High School Sports Performance Center includes a turf area that serves as a staging area for warm-ups, SAQ work, functional movements, etc.   They wanted a solution for Power Conditioning Ropes, anchor points for Bands/Tubing and storage.  They didn’t want it to eat up the valuable turf space to get this done.  Our solution was the Practical Training Fence XL.  It’s placement, 18″ from the wall made it space efficient.  Multiple Storage options house Med Balls and Power Conditioning Ropes to allow it to be self-contained.   A simple custom solution.

Click here to see more photos of Arcanum Butlers Facility

case western reserve university Dumbbell Storage

To maximize the productivity of their room Case Western wanted the ability to have their most commonly used dumbbells stored at each rack station. This allows their athletes to stay at their rack stations for the entire work out without having to walk across the room to retrieve dumbbells. It also saves space in their room by eliminating the need for stand alone dumbbell racks.

Click here for the link to more photos of Case Western Reserve’s Facility 

Columbus Academy Bumper Storage

Columbus Academy weight room is set up with Olympic lifting stations, each station has our standard 4 bay horizontal bumper storage. In order to keep each station self contained Columbus Academy wanted the ability to store change plates, collars, and a bar at each Olympic lifting station. We created a bolt on add on to our horizontal bumper storage that had 4 pegs for change plates, dedicated hooks for collars and a bar storage to meet their needs. We also added a landmine to the front of each bumper storage to give them the ability to use the platforms and the landmines at the same time.

Click here for more photos of Columbus Academy’s Facility

Utica Wrestling Suspension System

Utica High School wrestling wanted to be able to do pull ups and monkey bars in their wrestling room without taking up any mat space. So we created this hanging monkey bar system that is suspended from the ceiling of the room. This allowed us to eliminate posts mounted to the ground and avoid this safety hazard for their wrestlers.

Sierra Rack Connectors

Sierra High School needed pull up bars to connect their racks but the manufacture of their racks did not offer any connectors. So we worked with them to design these custom Stray Dog Strength pull up connectors for their existing racks. There current racks also did not have the option for their school logo so we incorporated a logo atop of every rack connector.

Kenyon college jungle gym with ball targets

Kenyon College wanted to add an auxiliary training station that allows athletes to do suspension training as well as pull ups and wall ball throws. We designed this Jungle System with 9 bars in a flat position for monkey bars and 4 bars that each are 3″ taller than the last at each end to do pull ups at an increasing angle. 

Click here to see more photos of Kenyon College’s Facility 

Perry High school custom ATR units

Perry High School has been a customer of Stray Dog Strength since 2005 when we installed their last weight room. In 2020 they reached back out to use to redo the facility, Coach Wakefield wanted the ability to add Lat Pull downs and Neck Machines to the facility but also wanted to add more lifting stations so we came up with this ATR unit that is double sided with one side having a Neck attachment and Lat pull down while the other side is a lifting station with custom bumper tray crossmember. 

Click here for more photos of Perry High School’s Facility 

cubbie storage for port clinton hs

Port Clinton High School wanted to keep their weight room space clear from personal items so we built them these storage cubbies that are built out of Laser cut steel to create 32 2×2 foot cubbies perfect for holding athletes, shoes, sweatshirts and or backpacks while they are lifting which keeps the weight room clear. 

Port Clinton custom ball/foam roller storage

Port Clinton has a unique sports performance center, it is a few miles from the school campus in a warehouse which the school purchased to turn into a large sports performance facility. This Medicine ball/foam roller storage goes between the edge of the weight room and the edge of the wrestling matt allowing athletes from either the weight room or the wrestling area to access the foam rollers and medicine balls. 

Port Clinton’s sports performance facility has a few large rooms one of which is half weight room and half wrestling room shown here, they also have a room with turf in it for agility/warmups and an indoor batting cage. 

Click here for more photos of Perry High School’s Facility 

Custom Olympic Lifting stations

Port Clinton High School wanted dedicated Olympic lifting platforms so they can train multiple groups at the same time by leaving the racks free for Squat, Bench and exercises using attachments and doing deadlifts and Olympic lifts at these stations. 

We made two custom pieces which are both shown in the picture to the right, the first is the Bumper Tray Storage which has space for two bars, clips, change plates, 3 bays for bumper plates, a Landmine and a Custom Logo. 

We also made custom pull boxes that have 4 different height settings for doing exercises that need pull blocks. These boxes have a laser cut “Port Clinton” on the sides and handles on the front to move them. We also added a layer of thin rubber to the top which they are shown here without. 

Laser cut logos in equipment

Pictured above are 3 different examples of laser cut logos, laser cut logos are a great way to add a personal touch to a facility that will last forever as they cannot peal or tear like a sticker or decal can. 

Pictured above is Perry High School’s Jump Rope Storage with “Panthers” Cut out, Optimal Performance Training Center’s custom Storage crossmember and West Liberty University Logo brackets that have a yellow backing plate to make the WL pop. 

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