Facility Design and Planning

The first step to a new sports performance facility is to understand what we mean by a sports performance facility. Traditionally called a “weight room”, a place where you move weight to get stronger. As training and athletics have evolved the “weight room” has grown into a sports performance facility where teams and athletes hone their skills on the three pillars of sports performance success; physiological, psychological, and sport skills while building your teams culture. Stray Dog Strength’s evolutionary equipment combined with Equipment Guys 23 years of experience can help you design a sports performance facility to help your athletes leave a legacy of winning on and off the field!


The layout is the most important part of this process; ultimately, that’s what you are buying. The foundation to a good layout starts with us deeply understanding your programs goals and how you train. After this we move to 2D CAD software to layout your facility. This allows us to easily create multiple revisions until we arrive at your perfect facility layout. We view your facility layout as an equation.

Key Design Considerations

  • Number of rack stations: We recommend that your have one station for every 3 to 4 athletes.
  • Space: Designing open space that can be used for warms-ups, SAQ, and a space for your athletes to compete.
  • Auxiliary work: To maximize space we believe less is more, this is why we have developed our auxiliary training racks, so you can get more out of your space.


After the layout of your facility is determined we create it in our 3D CAD software. This allows you to see what your facility is going to look like and helps you to understand how your athletes will flow through the facility. This is where the psychological element of facility design comes in as you can see what your equipment will look like with your school colors and logos. These 3D images will allow you to market your vision to the school leadership, donors and the community.

3D Design Helps With:

  • Visualization of the space you will train your athletes in.
  • Communicating your facility to school boards and the community.
  • Fundraising money for your project.
  • Culture by increasing team pride and motivation.


After your facility is designed to fit your program, we move into the execution step. This step ensures that your facility turns out exactly how your want it. What makes Equipment Guys different is that we handle your installation ourselves. We do not subcontract the work to an installation company. Our team will work with your team until the last item is in place and ready for your facility opening!

Execution Steps:

  • Removal of old equipment
  • Installation of Ecore flooring
  • Installation of Stray Dog equipment
  • Un-packaging and placement of distribution items
  • Final walk through and inspection
  • Facility grand opening


After your facility opens and fits your programs training needs, looks sharp, and all the equipment is perfectly functioning. The key is to keep your facility functioning this way for years to come and Equipment Guys will help you with that step as well! Think of your facility like a car every so many miles you need to change the oil and tires.

Maintenance Services:

  • Replacement/repair of ware items: upholstery, cables, plastics.
  • Equipment upgrades: Stray Dog equipment is made to adapt and change to your training needs.
  • Cultural: Have a new team moto for the year? We can help you by updating your banner braces on your racks to communicate this.

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