Selectorized Seated Leg Curl/Extension


The Selectorized Seated Leg Curl/Extension features a 300 lbs stack, with a seat that can be oriented to either side. This design transforms the space between leg extensions into useful storage with added Flat or DB Trays. Crafted with 3×3″ tubing and 1″ holes, these units are standalone but can integrate seamlessly into an ATR System or sold in a Pre-Configured Leg Curl/Extension Unit. Laser Cut logos can be added under the seat.

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  • Seat can be orientated on the left or right of weight stack
  • can be stand alone or connected to Racks/ATR Units with Trays or Crossmembers
  • Stainless Steel Knurled Handles
  • Seat Belt
  • Adjustable Back pad
  • 300 LBS Weight Stack (no Lighter stack option)
  • 1:1 Ratio for 300 LBS of resistance
  • Can be ordered as a Pre-Configured ATR #6 Unit

Leg Curls and Extensions are staples in a variety of facilities, from sports performance  to round-the-clock gyms. Our observation: most designs on the market are inefficient in space utilization. Enter the GOAT Attachment, a rack-mounted solution crafted for flexibility and efficiency. However, recognizing the demand for permanent, ready-to-use setups, we now offer an innovative option to seamlessly integrate the seat on either side of the stack so it can be tied into any ATR or Rack setup with Storage Trays or Crossmembers.


angled tray side$
Add Trays or Crossmembers
300 lbs stack
300 LBS 1:1 Ratio Stack
back frame 2
Full 3x3" Tubing Frame
side back seat
Adjustable Seat
handle $
Stainless Steel Handles
logo spot $
Logo Spot


angled right leg extensions
Leg Extensions
angled curls $
Hamstring Curls
standing curls $
Standing Hamstring Curls
close up low single curl
Single Leg Hamstring Curls
leg extensin single leg
Single Leg Extensions
adjusting 1
Adjust While Seated


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