Step Up Plate


The Step Up Plate/Ball Target attaches to any piece of 3×3 tubing with 1″ or 5/8″ holes. The Step Up Plate has 5 holes, the outside, and the center holes are 1″ and the two holes adjacent to the center hole are 5/8″. If you are using it as a Step Up you only need one pin but when using it as a ball target two pins are required to secure the plate.

Mount The Step Up Plate to the spotter arm for adjustable height step ups, box squats, sandbag or stone platform or attach it to the upright for a target or back support.

The Step Up Plate was designed just like the Lat Seat to go onto the Spotter Arm, the Step Up Plate and Lat Seat can go onto 3x3" tubing with 1" holes or 5/8" holes that does not have plastic but it will have a very SLIGHT amount of rock back and forth. When you put both hitch pins in the plate has a very small amount of wobble that is caused by the tubing not having plastic. This wobble does not effect movements, you can see this on the GOAT Step Up Video on YouTube, there are multiple close ups of a 175 LBS Athlete doing step ups on the plate and it does not effect the stability of the movement. If you want your step ups to be EXTRA secure use the spotter arm as it has plastic on the top and will have a more snug fit.

The Step Up Plate comes with one Hitch Pin to use for step ups and other exercises, but if you want to use it as a ball target two pins would be required to keep it pinned to the post/protect the post.

The Step Up plate allows athletes and coaches to have a versatile variable height platform that can be used for step ups, box jumps, box squats, ball target and other exercises.

The Step Up Plate attaches to the spotter arm with one hitch pin or to the rack post with two hitch pins as if you only use one hitch pin it will move and hit the rack post on the side without a pin
The Step Up plate is a unique piece of equipment to Stray Dog strength, we can’t wait to see all the ways our customers find to use the Step Up Plate!


back of plate $$$$$
Attach with two pins to upright
plastic 1
plastic pieces for post protection
on spotter
Attaches to spotter arm
angled plate $$$$$$$
Attaches to rack post
Stray Dog laser cut logo
58 and 1 holes
2 5/8" holes and 3 1" holes


flat step up bottom
Flat step ups on GOAT
dorsiflexion close up
Dorsiflexion step ups
plantarflexion bottom
Plantar flexion Step up
ball throws
Rotational Ball Target
ball target
Wall Ball Target
box jump on platform
Box Jump Platform


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