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The Marrs-Bar Safety Squat Bar was designed to greatly reduce discomfort and imbalance when performing barbell back squats, front squat and lunges. If you’re shopping for the best safety squat bar, look no further the Marrs bar is the answer.

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Thanks to the built-in padded harness, the Marrs-Bar safety squat bar distributes the payload throughout a much greater area of the upper body eliminating pinch points and discomfort in the neck and shoulders common with traditional squat bars and power bars.

This added stability makes it possible to do hands free squats and takes away the awkwardness, discomfort and imbalance when front squatting for the most comfortable and productive front squats you’ve ever experienced.

Because the payload sits closer to the hip hinge when performing back squats, you will immediately notice the ability to move more weight.

The front handles on the Marrs-bar safety squat bar are positioned to reduce and even eliminate shoulder joint stress during barbell squats which makes squatting possible again for those with reduced range of motion and/or pain in the shoulders.

The Marrs-Bar is an excellent rehabilitation tool and promotes proper form for reduced risk of injury. Each bar is compatible with Olympic plates and bumper plates with 2” center hole


  • Weight: 65 lbs.
  • Fully welded.
  • Dimensions: 89" L x 24" W (with handles)
  • Bar Diameter: 1.5" diameter solid steel bar and harness.
  • Sleeve Diameter: 2" diameter for Olympic plates and bumpers.
  • Sleeve Construction: Fully welded and machined.
  • Bar and Harness Coating: Zinc.
  • Sleeve Coating: Black oxide.
Marrs Bar
8" Long Handles with Rubber Grip
Marrs Bar
4.5" Thick Foam Pad
Marrs Bar
Marrs Bar Branding
Marrs Bar
17.5" Long Sleeves
Marrs Bar
Back Squat
Marrs Bar
Front Squat
Marrs Bar
Marrs Bar
Good Mornings
Marrs Bar
Front Squat Bar position from behind

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