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Attachments that replace standalone machines

Space is valuable

Space is extremely valuable in sports performance centers or any gym/training facility, adding square footage to a facility is one of the most expensive things you can do as construction is expensive. We have a lot of designs that save you floor space so you can maximize the space you have to work with and do not need to build more. Most stand alone machines can be replicated by our large selection rack attachments which is continuing to grow. 

GOAT attachment

Pictured above are examples of 6 of the movements you can do on the GOAT Attachment, these all replace a standalone machine/piece of equipment. The GOAT needs to be paired with a Step Up Plate, Weight Peg, Utility Loop, and Alpha Roller to complete these exercises. The 6 movements shown are Leg Extensions, Hamstring Curls, Hip Thrusts, Plantarflexion Step Ups, GOAT Shoulder Press, Good Morning Machine and Calf Raise. 

Neck attachment

Our Neck Attachment attaches to any rack with 3×3 uprights and 1″ holes, it attaches with our quick-adjust hand-tightened Adjustable Nut. It has a weight peg that can hold 3 45 LBS plates and can also have bands added for accommodating resistance. The Neck Machine Attachment can be used seated or standing/athletic stance. 

Cable Column attachment

Cable Columns are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in any facility, but they often take up a large footprint and cannot be used for much else as they do not have a 3×3 tubing that the trolley is on to add attachments. By putting cable columns inside our half racks you can add the ability to train cable column movements without taking up any extra space. Pictured above are two MG Alpha Half Racks with a cable column in each one, as they are placed next to each other they create a Functional Trainer without adding to the footprint. 

Belt squat Attachment

Belt Squats are a great addition to a sports performance facility as it allows athletes to train heavy squats without loading their spine. Belt Squats are great for athletes with upper body injuries who still want to be able to train. Our belt squat also doubles as a plate-loaded Lat Pull down making it one of the most versatile attachments on the market. 

Lat pUll down/low row attachment

Lat Pull Downs can also be added between the front and back uprights of a rack, pictured above is an example of an Alpha Double-Sided Half Rack with a Lat Pull Down attachments added to both sides of the right side of the double rack. 


Single Rollers are one of the most versatile attachments we make, they come in both Alpha and Utility Roller options, the Alpha roller has color options and has a more snug fit due to adjustable nut but is more expensive than the Single Utility Roller which only comes in black and attaches with a detent pin. 

Jammer press

Lever Arms also known as Jammer Arms is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in any facility. They replace many single-use machines such as a shoulder press, Jammer Press, Row Machine, and others. 

Belt squat

Lever Arms also known as Jammer Arms is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in any facility. Our Alpha Arms have side to side movement as well as front to back allowing them to do many exercises not possible on traditional lever arms. Alpha Arms replace many single-use machines such as a Belt Squats, shoulder press, Jammer Press, Row Machine, Chest Press, Delt Flys, Chest Flys and others. 

Reverse/chest flys

The Side to side movement also referred to as free motion allows you to do many exercises with Alpha Arms that normal lever arms could not do. Pictured above are two of those motions, chest and reverse flys. 

Seal rows

Our Lat Seat is a very versatile attachment, it was designed to go onto our spotter’s arm to sit on for Lat Pull Downs but can also be used as a chest, back, or side pad. You can put it on the upright for back-supported curls or overhead raises, or you can put your chest on it when on the spotter arm for variable height seal rows. 

Box Jumps

Plyo Boxes are one of the most versitle pieces in any sports performance facilty and have great benifits for athletes. The main downside to them is they take up a lot of space, our Utility Seat Pad can be used as an adjustable height box jump platform. It has a 2″ thick pad on top that will not damage the athletes shins or other body parts if they fail a jump.

Chest supported rows

By adding a cable column attachment to an Alpha Half Rack you can replace many stand alone machines. Chest-supported rows are one of the best ways to build upper and mid-back strength. Most chest-supported row machines cost thousands of dollars and can only be used for 1 exercise, by placing a cable column inside a half rack you can create a chest-supported row by using an incline bench and any handles connected by Cable Connectors. 


Space is the most vauable aspect of any training facility, espesially at High Schools as they often have to make the most of the space they are given and will not have the opportunity to build a new one or expand it for years to come. This makes it important to get the most out of this space, instead of having tons single use machines that take up large spaces and are only programable for one or two exercises it is a better use of space and money to invest in rack attachments. We have been doing rack machine attachments since 2004 and other attachments since 1999 and do not plan to stop innovating anytime soon. 

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