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Replacement Parts

Weight Rooms/Sports Performance Facilities especially in high school and college settings see high volume. It is not uncommon for our facilities to see 100-200 athletes a day, getting used for 6-10 hours a day. This can cause things to wear down, break and fall apart over time. Over the last 20+ years we have learned a lot about what works works well and will last long and have implemented that to make the most durable equipment possible. BUT certain parts need replaced over time like tires and brakes on a car.

 A weight room is like a car, You need to change the oil every few thousand miles and do more major maintenance  after tens of thousands of miles such as new tires or brakes. We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to keep their equipment in great shape, which is why we have made many of our replacement parts available for purchase online. If you need a replacement part that you do not see online, please call or email us at sales@straydogstrength.com. We hope no one ever needs to use replacement parts but it is inevitable under high volume of use that things will wear or break down over time.

One of the pieces of equipment that gets the most use/abuse are bar cups and spotter arms, which is why we make our plastic for them easily available  for purchase. Back when we started making racks NO ONE was using plastic on their bar cups because bar cups did not exist like they do now and many racks had a ladder system of bar cups. 

We made the switch from a traditional metal bar cup with plastic added to top to a sandwich style bar cup we sell today in 2019 with our Titan, Renegade and Genesis Rack Line. We did this because our old bar cups just had a piece of plastic stuck on with double sided tape that would fall off after a few years of use. That was when we decided to switch to the sandwich style bar cup in 2019 which we have not had to replace a single pair yet. The plastic is so thick we have not replaced a single piece of it in the last 4 years. Our plastic is also all attached with screws no adhesive is used, so even in humid climates the plastic will stay on for decades.

Replacement Cables

We make our cables in house by hand and have since 2002, in the last 19 years we have learned a thing or two about making cables and applied those changes to have better cables, making better overall machines in return. 

We have replacement cables for our Cable Columns and Lat Pull Downs available for purchase online, if you have a neck machine or another cable machine we do not make anymore we can make you a custom cable just send us a picture of the unit and measure the cable if possible. We do not make replacement cables for non Stray Dog machines, if you want to order the Lat Pull Down or Cable Column cable and use it for something else, that is fine but we will not custom make you a cable to fit another machine, contact the manufacture of said machine. 

Although we use high quality materials to make our benches and make them by hand in Columbus Ohio the upholstery can still tear via misuse. The end of a barbell or a sharp attachment can easily puncture a hole in the pad if you are not careful. We have had pads last 20+ years and some only last 2 weeks because they were mistreated. We have a 60 day warranty policy on our pads and will replace them in that window at no cost to the customer.

miscellaneous parts

Pictured above is the vertical adjustment point of our Hyperglute Machine. This part has a pull pin and tighten down knob, these two parts do not get broken or misplaced easily so we do not have them available for purchase online, but can certainly help you get replacements if needed. Over the past 25 years of desinging equipment, we have learned a thing or two about the location of potential problem parts like pull pins. By incorporating that knowlege we have evolved our products to be more resilient and last longer.

contact brand manager with questions

OUr Brand Manager Jake Purdy will work with you to service your Stray Dog Strength equipment and keep it in top functioning condition for generations to come. If you want equipment you can pass down to you kids and even grand kids, Stray Dog Strength is for you.

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