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Stray Dog Cable Columns

cable column overview

Cable Columns generally come with a 2:1 ratio meaning that the weight felt when lifting is only half of the selected weight. We offer our cable columns in 200, 250 and 300 LBS stacks that are all in 10 pound increments allowing athletes to make adjustments every 10 pounds and feel half of the selected weight with a maximum of 150 LBS on the 300 LBS stack. 

unique to stray dog strength

Our Cable column trolley which is comprised of two pullies on a swivel, a knurled adjustment handle and a pull pin for quick adjustment. The trolley goes directly on the 3×3 rack post allowing  you to add attachments on the post which most companies make their trolley go on a smaller post eliminating the ablity to add attachments. 

By putting the cable column trolley directly on the post it opens up two main possibilities, 1 put a cable column inside a rack with the trolley on the upright and 2 use attachments on the cable column post which allows you to do Lat pull downs by adding the seat and knee hold. You can add bar cups to lift off of a rack with a cable column attachment or a dual ATR cable column unit, you just slide the trolley to the top of the post freeing up the post for lifting or other attachments. 

Small profile

Pictured above is our ATR Cable Column with a 200 LBS weight stack connected with 72″ dumbbell trays to another ATR cable column creating a Functional trainer which only comes 36″ off the wall. 

cable column attachments in alpha racks

In the two photos above  you will see two different examples of our Cable column attachments inside Alpha Racks. The rack that has blue uprights and silver accents is a garage gym with an Alpha Half rack with Cable column attachment.

The other photo is of a high school with two Alpha Double Sided half racks with one cable column attachment per rack that when next to each other creates a functional trainer between the racks.  By putting the cable columns inside the racks you can add a functional trainer to your facility without taking up any more designated space in the facility.

combine two atr units to make a "rack"

Pictured above is a great example of how customers can combine two ATR units to create a rack. The above unit is two ATR Cable Columns with 250 LBS Stacks that have been connected at the top with a 43″ crossmember and in the back with 43″ storage trays which are not Stray Dog Strength brand trays but still fit as we use 1″ holes like most of the industry.  This could also be done with two Lat pull down low row units, or two belt squats or any combination of the three different cable machine attachments. 

old style atr cable columns

We have been doing ATR cable columns since 2017 in our old 3/4″ hole style which was still 3×3″ uprights with the trolley directly on the upright like we still do today. 

The unit pictured above in black and silver is two 250 LBS old style ATR Cable columns connected with a pull up bar to create a rack/functional trainer. The owner of this unit chose this set up so he can do different cable super sets while also still having the ablity to lift off of the unit. 

The other unit pictured above in black and red was made for Optimal Performance Training Center and is comprised of two ATR Cable columns creating a functional trainer which also has an ATR Lat pull down low row unit connected with another pull up bar. 


Our Cable Columns were designed to add a low profile machine that can fit in virtually any weight room as we have options that take up little to no additional floor space. Don’t let a small square foot facility limit the programmability of your training get a Stray Dog rack with a cable column or add a cable column to large sports performance faculties to give each station the ability to do auxiliary work with cables making training more efficient. 

Our Racks with cable column attachments and our ATR cable columns are 100″ tall but don’t let a low ceiling in your facility stop you from adding a cable column, for $250 we will cut down the unit to your desired height and assemble the unit before shipping to confirm everything works properly. 

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