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Top 5 Scap Strap Exercises

The Scap Strap, a Patent Pending design by professional baseball pitcher Jacob Nix, is a cable/band attachment that enables you to attack your shoulders and upper body bilaterally. It was created to specifically target the rotator cuff and musculature responsible for internal and external rotation of the glenohumeral joint. The Scap Strap’s size and versatility allow athletes to complete their entire shoulder program using a band or cable column as resistance, making it easy to use virtually anywhere, checkout the YouTube Video.  Jacob Nix uses The Scap Strap he designed to warm up in the bull pen on the fence with a band before pitching in the MLB and NPB League in Japan. 


The Scap Strap Pull Apart is a highly effective exercise that activates the upper back, shoulders, traps, and lats. It’s an ideal warm-up exercise for upper body lifting, as well as a valuable addition to any prehab or rehabilitation program. The exercise can be performed using a band or cable column, with a suggested light resistance of 10-40 lbs on the cable column, depending on the user’s strength level. Our orange or red bands are recommended for most users, while the black or purple band is more suitable for those with greater strength.


The Open Up is a highly effective exercise that can be performed with the Scap Strap, as it’s challenging to execute using most other equipment available on the market, aside from a few resistance bands. The Scap Strap makes it easy to use bands, as the rotating handles maintain a strong wrist position throughout the movement, and the strap’s V shape requires only one band, simplifying setup. As shown in the picture, The Scap Strap activates the muscles in the upper back and deltoids.


The Vertical Open Up is a Scap Strap exercise that targets the upper back and deltoids, similar to the Open Up and Pull Apart exercises, but it also engages the triceps. During the Vertical Pull Apart, the front deltoid does most of the work, and the opposite arm’s tricep also gets activated. To warm up, try doing the Pull Apart, Open Up, and OH Raise in a superset.


The Overhead Raise is an excellent exercise that’s ideally executed using The Scap Strap since its long strap length allows for an unrestricted range of motion. The rotating handles also help maintain a strong wrist position, enabling the user to keep their elbows straight and isolate the movement. While these exercises can be done with both bands and cables, they’re best performed in high rep ranges, such as 10-12 or 15-20.


The Straight Arm Pull Down is an exercise that effectively utilizes the long strap length of The Scap Strap to achieve full range of motion. Using the same handles on a cable connector wouldn’t yield the same result. It provides maximum lat activation compared to all the other exercises on the list and is an excellent warm-up for Lat pull downs. Consider supersetting it with Pull aparts and Open ups.


The Scap Strap’s song length allows you to turn any incline bench into a chest supported row machine with a cable column. Move the trolley of the cable column up or down to change the angle you are pulling. 

The Scap Strap is a versatile tool that can help enhance upper back, shoulder, deltoid, and lat strength. It is not only useful for rehab/prehab purposes, but also for increasing range of motion on rows, overhead tricep extensions, and as a strap for rows from a pull up bar by adding a chain for extra length.


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