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Top 5 Utility Loop Exercises

1. Dips

Utility Loops are a very versatile piece of equipment as they are essentially just a handle that can be added to any 3×3″ tubing with 1″ holes. The Loops are made out of a solid piece of 1″ thick steel making them very strong, they can be used for a wide variety of bodyweight exercises, can be used as pull blocks or a band/battle rope hanger. 

2. Pull blocks

Pull Blocks are a very useful tool that can make teaching and executing many olympic lifts much more user friendly. The down side to pull blocks is they are large, expensive and difficult to adjust to different heights. Our Utility Loops can be added to the outside of Spotter Arms for Pull Blocks, the 9″ width is perfect to catch bumper plates. They are not DROP BOXES they are pull blocks that are used to start and stop a movement not be a safety/catch for olympic moments. Dropping weights repeatedly on the Utility Loops from high heights will cause them to bend/break. We made our first rack attachable pull blocks in 2002 when Louie Simmons asked our founder Matt Purdy to make a set for Louies rack. 

3. inverted/bodyweight rows

Body weight Rows are a great exercise for building back and shoulder strength, normally they are done with a barbell placed on bar cups by using the Utility Loops and Spotter Arms you can do Neutral Grip as well as supinated or pronated grips. Neutral grip rows take a lot of the stress off the shoulder joint and allow many athletes to do bodyweight rows without pain compared to just using a barbell. 

4. Neutral Grip Chin Ups

Like I mentioned above for bodyweight rows, the Utility Loops can be used in a supinated, neutral or pronated grip position. The neutral Grip Position takes a lot of stress off the shoulders allowing athletes to do them without pain. By adding the Utility Loops to Spotter Arms and putting the spotter arms up high on the rack you can create a Neutral Grip Chin up station that can also be used for many other exercises. 

5. bodyweight core Exercises

The Utility Loops can be used for many body weight core exercises such as knees to chest and L Sits. 

honorable mention

The Utility Loop is actually the handle that comes with our Lever Arms and works very well as a lever arm handle as it has a flat section, curved section and neutral grip section allowing athletes to grip it in multiple ways. The Handle and weight peg are independent giving you the ability to adjust the location of the weight and handle in relation to each other. The Utility Loop can also be used with the GOAT As a handle similar to a Lever Arm but with a shorter tube. Utility Loops are a great band anchor as they are only 1″ thick and do not add extra tension on the band like wrapping it around a 3×3″ upright or crossmember would. 


Utility Loops are designed to attach to any 3×3″ tubing with 1″ holes, they have a very tight tolerance so they are secure in 1″ holes so they do not fit most import/metric racks as there holes are smaller than 1″ at .9666″. Utility Loops are made out of a solid piece of 1″ thick steel tubing, they are very strong with a static load rating of 300 LBS on each loop or 600 LBS for a pair making them great for bodyweight exercises such as dips, rows, pull ups. They also make a great lever arm handle and come with our basic Lever Arms. Add a pair of Utility Loops to your setup and discover the benefits yourself! 

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