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The Plain Side ATR is comprised of two 96″ ticked rack posts and two 30″ crossmembers which have our guide rod hole pattern to add machine attachments. All ATR units are made out of 3×3 tubing with 1″ holes and 2″ hole spacing. ATR Frames are often used to make a storage unit or can also be connected to an ATR machine to make a free-standing unit.

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Our Plain side ATR is basically one side of a rack half rack as it is comprised of two 96" ticked rack posts and two 30" crossmembers.

Plain side ATR's are common to be connected by our 43" or 72" storage trays or beam connectors for attachments. Often they are connected to an ATR cable column, Lat pull down or belt squat to create a lifting station.

To create a "power rack" without weight pegs you can purchase two ATR plain sides and connect them with a pullup bar or any other connector that is 43" to create a lifting station when you add bar cups.

You can also create a "cube" which is basically an ATR not up against the wall that makes two lifting stations like a double sided half rack but without the extra post for shared plate storage.

ATR Plain sides come with our 30" crossmember with the hole pattern to add on a machine allowing your equipment to be adaptable to your current training needs and budget.


ATR Frame
Built in Bolt Down Tabs
ATR Frame
Ticked Posts
ATR Frame
72" Crossmember connector
Plain side ATR connected to Lat pull down ATR with 43" pull up

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Made in the heart of America using American labor.


Modular product design to adapt and change with your training needs.


Using our 3-D CAD software we can help you design and visualize the optimal set up for your facility.


Our equipment is designed to withstand the high training volume of high school, collegiate, and professional teams.

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