UHMW Bar Cups


Our UMHW Bar Cups are designed to protect the knurling on the barbell as well as the paint on the rack post due to the plastic pieces on all wear points of the rack post for protection. Our bar cups are light weight only 7.8 LBS and have a tapered pin which makes single-handed adjustment easy.

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Bar cups can be made in 4-8 weeks as they are a smaller item

Our UMHW Bar cups were designed to extend the life of the bar by using UMHW plastic and designed to not scratch up the back post as the inside has 2 plastic pieces.

Our Tapered pin allows athletes to quickly adjust the bar cup even using one hand as the pin fits in the hole smoother and there is not a pin to pull to adjust they just twist in and out.


UHMW Bar Cups
UMHW Plastic
UHMW Bar Cups
Plastic To Protect post
UHMW Bar Cups
Tapered Pin for easy adjustment
UHMW Bar Cups
Interchangeable Plastic with Screws no Adhesive
UHMW Bar Cups
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UHMW Bar Cups
Back Squat
UHMW Bar Cups
Flat Bench
UHMW Bar Cups
Incline Bench Press

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Our equipment is designed to withstand the high training volume of high school, collegiate, and professional teams.

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